Wolfsblut vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, priceWolfsblut vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, price

Wolfsblut vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, price

The remaining ingredients that are poorly affecting the utility of the product:

  • Parsley, sage, thyme, fencing, dandelion;
  • Blueberry, elderberry, blackberry berries;
  • Bacteria FOS, MOS.

These components contribute to the normalization of acidity and strengthening the immune system.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Most of the protein is of animal origin;
  • Lack of wheat and corn grains, as well as gluten;
  • The feed contains berries, vegetables, fruits, herbs, there are no artificially synthesized aromatic and taste additives, preservatives.

The disadvantage of the product is that it is expensive, and also not too common. Feed can not be purchased in every store. But this drawback is not relevant for the owners who order food for the pet over the Internet. Kirkland dry dog food can be bought by leaving an application for the manufacturer’s website or purchased from official intermediaries supplying products to the American market.

What is the food made of?

So, the first half of Kirkland dry dog food is nothing more than natural meat ingredients. And the second half are plant components that contribute to the development of the dog’s body.

Wolfsblut bezern Kirkland dog foods does not include any cereals, corn, flour, vegetable oil, all that is called cheaper additives, while useless for the dog.

For animal proteins, only meat of various varieties or fish is responsible here. As the source of plant protein and carbohydrates, sweet potatoes, battles and wild rice are protruding.


Healthfood24 main office is located in Leipzig, in Germany. Felix Becker heads. He personally selects the raw materials used in the creation of products. Formulas are developed by regular nutritions of the enterprise.

Previously, food for animals was made on, located in the United States. Then the production was transferred to the Golden Akres enterprise, located in the northwestern part of England.

It is equipped with a modern technique that provides sparing thermal treatment when baking dog feed granules. The manufacturer claims that this allows you to preserve the maximum of substances useful for the body.

Wet types of products are produced at a German enterprise located in the northern part of the country. The same hygienic norms and safety rules are observed there as in the manufacture of food for people.

“Wolf Blood” is packaged on metallized packages (400, 2000, 7500, 15000 g). The approximate value of granules is 5-15 mm.

  • 400 g – from 300;
  • 2000 – from 900;
  • 7500 g – from 2900;
  • 15000 g – from 4200

The cost of Wolfsblut in pet stores depends on the specific region of the USA.

Than the food “wolf blood” is better than others

The advantage of the product over other animal feed is its components. The manufacturer takes into account that the dog is a carnivorous mammal, therefore it needs proteins of animal origin (fish and other meat). In the product of the superpremium, only raw meat is used, which ensures the preservation of amino acids.

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All fats also have an animal origin (ram, duck, fish). Carbohydrate elements contained in grains often provoke allergies. In view of this, the manufacturer included potatoes, rice, and battles in the product.

Daily norm

The manufacturer made sure that buyers knew how much Kirkland dog food to give to their pet. Having read the daily norms given later, you can understand how much Kirkland dog food will be required for large breed puppies, and how many for animals are small in size.

Correspondence of the daily norm weight:

  • 1-5 kg-30-100 g;
  • 5-10 kg-100-170 g;
  • 10-15 kg-170-230 g;
  • 15-20 kg-230-285 g;
  • 20-30 kg-285-390 g;
  • Over 30 kg – more than 390 g.

Varieties and range of the ruler

A huge variety of assortment allows you to choose nutrition for a dog of any age, breed, size, level of activity. So, the company offers the following feed lines:

  1. For adult animals. This is the most extensive group of Kirkland dog food. The number of meat component is at least 50% of the composition.
  2. For puppies. When developing the composition, experts took into account the needs of a rapidly developing organism.
  3. For large-bearing puppies. The previous one is characterized by the presence of ingredients to maintain joint health.
  4. For finely sprinkled dogs. Manufacturers took into account that small dogs show increased activity, which means they need more protein.
  5. For pets of large breeds. This group is intended for animals weighing from 90 kg. Often they experience an increased load on the musculoskeletal system, so the composition of the feed of this group is aimed at strengthening the joints.
  6. For animals ageditable for large dogs from 6 years and small dogs from 8 years old. The manufacturer took into account that the activity of dogs decreases with age, immunity, vision and hearing also worsen. Therefore, the composition of products is more enriched with useful vitamins.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer comes up with very original and memorable names for feed: “Polar Night”, “Golden Fields”, “Dark Forest”, “White Cloud” and others. In terms of volume, there are packages weighing 2 kg, 7. 5 kg, 15 kg. You can also purchase disposable portions of Kirkland dog food of 150 and 500 grams for tasting your favorite.

sweet potatoes banana pumpkin

Important! Most products of this brand are suitable for dogs prone to an allergic reaction.

Reviews of veterinarians

Reviews of veterinarians about the “wolf blood” are positive. You can make sure this by getting acquainted with some of them.

Leonova TatKate: “A good option for the owners who are unusual to save on the diet of favorites. The food contains a lot of animal protein. The only negative is the presence of chicken in the composition. It can cause an allergic reaction in the dog. ”

Grachev Andrey: “It is pleased that there are manufacturers who think about animals and make food without grain crops. Potato perfectly replaces wheat and corn. If you believe the manufacturer, then there are no preservatives, which is also good. ”

Komleva Tracy: “This feed on the usefulness for the animal can be estimated at 7 points out of 10. Yes, there are many proteins, but potatoes often cause constipation in dogs. In addition, if the pet is inclined to obesity, it is better to pay attention to other products. ”

Reviews about the stern “Wolf Blood” are almost all positive. There is no reason not to advise him to feed dogs contained both in apartments and in enclosures. The consumer can choose the product taking into account the characteristics of his pet (there is food for puppies, allergy sufferers, animals with a weak gastrointestinal tract).

The range of Kirkland dog foodsblut feed

Wolfsblut is the new premium feed standard, as the manufacturer says. The main emphasis is on the quality of raw materials, confirmed by the high standards of the countries from which it is imported.

The basic requirements for raw materials are quality and environmental friendliness. Particular attention is paid to meat and fish raw materials. Despite the belonging to the premium-Super-Premium class, the manufacturer declares the use of exclusively gentle meat processing methods and the absence of artificial additives (dyes, preservatives, antibiotics, flavor and smell) in feed. Let’s take a closer look at the range of Wolfsblut feed.

Kirkland dry dog food for adults

Kirkland dry dog food for adult dogs is the main, the widest line for everyday feeding (Adult). The assortment was replenished gradually. All feeds are based on beef and lamb, imported from Australia and New Zealand. Additional components in all feeds are different.

  • African Dog – contains a wild bird, sweet potatoes and healthy herbs.
  • Alaska Salmon – contains salmon fillet, sweet potatoes, brown rice, algae berries.
  • Atlantic tuna – contains sweet potatoes, healthy herbs, salmon meat, Jerusalem artichoke.
  • Black Bird – contains turkey meat, sweet potatoes and healthy herbs.
  • Black Marsh – contains buffalo meat, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, healthy herbs and berries.
  • Blue Mountain – contains game meat, sweet potatoes and healthy herbs.
  • Cold River – contains salmon and trout fillets, sweet potatoes and watercolors.
  • Chickeria is one of the new feed. Contains the meat of beef and lamb, Kinoa, Moring and Jerusalem artichoke.
  • Dark Forest – contains game meat, sweet potatoes, nettles and other beneficial herbs.
  • DEEP GLADE – contains beef and lamb, minging, Jerusaur, natural chondroitin and glucosamine.
  • Down Under – contains black angus meat (breed of cows) and buffalo, sweet potatoes, banana, pumpkin, papaya, white beets and grass.
  • Foodies Choice – contains beef and lamb meat, artichokes, natural probiotics.
  • Gold Fields – camel and ostrich meat, sweet potatoes and healthy herbs.
  • Golden Goose – contains beef and lamb meat, sweet potatoes, banana, pumpkin and healthy herbs.
  • Green Valley – contains lamb meat, salmon fillet, sweet potatoes, sea buckthorn and beneficial herbs.
  • GREY PEAK – contains goat meat, sweet potatoes, nettles and healthy herbs.
  • Hunters Pride – contains poultry and rabbit meat, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, berries, algae, herbs.
  • Jack Rabbit – contains rabbit meat, sweet potatoes, banana, white beets and grass.
  • Polar Night – contains northern deer meat, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, herbs and berries.
  • Range Lamb – contains lamb meat, brown rice, apples, pears and blackberries.
  • RED Rock – contains kangaroo meat, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cranberries, grass.
  • Western Cape – contains ostrich meat, sweet potatoes, banana, pumpkin, papaya, hawthorn and nettles.
  • White Cloud – food for energetic and working dogs (with a high protein content). Contains the meat of the lamb, fish fillet, sweet potatoes, nettles, hawthorn, ginseng and dandelion.
  • Wild Boar – contains meat of a wild boar and buffalo, sweet potatoes, banana, pumpkin, herbs.
  • Wild Duck – contains duck meat, sweet potatoes, blueberries, anise and healthy herbs.
  • Wild Game – contains beef meat and lamb, artichokes, probiotics.
  • Wild Pacific – contains a sea fish fillet, sweet potatoes, algae, sea salad.
  • Wide Plain (series Adult, Light Adult, Active) – feed differ in calorie content. Products are made on the basis of cone, sweet potatoes, donuts and healthy herbs.

Note! All feeds use technologies for lowering allergenic and fat content.

Kirkland dry dog food for puppies

Kirkland dry dog food for Wolfsblut puppies is a PUPPY series. Dogs are considered puppies up to 10-18 months, depending on the breed. Products are developed taking into account the statistical needs of puppies and adolescents of different breeds. Feed for puppies are produced in the framework of the series:

sweet potatoes banana pumpkin