Which bowls are best for Kirkland dog food?Which bowls are best for Kirkland dog food?

Which bowls are best for Kirkland dog food?

Misks for feed and water should be durable, comfortable, made of high-quality material selected taking into account the size and breed of the dog. There are other nuances that are useful to know the owners of four-legged pets who want to provide animal comfort during food.

In pet stores, on Internet platforms, dog bowls are sold. Which is better? How many dishes for a four-legged pet should be at home? What material to prefer: stainless steel or plastic? How much Kirkland dog food is the dog to pour? Answers in the article.

How many Kirkland dog food do you need a pet?

Dog bowls buy

In addition to a bowl for dry or humid feed, there should be a water container at home. Veterinarians and breeders insist: a drink for drinking should be in the public domain at any time of the day. Violation of the rule can lead to digestive problems and general condition, especially in the heat. The water container can be deeper so that the pet does not pour the liquid around the bowl.

So how many dishes to buy a four-legged pet? It is enough to have one water container and two for feed (dry and wet). A couple of spare bowls will not interfere if suddenly the dishes cracked or crashed. In the presence of a house of containers for feed and water from stainless steel, the problem of spoilage of the containers disappears for a long time, and one double structure with two bowls on the stand is enough.

How to choose: recommendations to the owners

Inexperienced owners, after buying pets or choosing an animal from a shelter, try to provide a new friend with maximum comfort, acquire objects for caring and feeding the dog.

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The optimal selection of bowls:

  • In the length of the ears in the dog. Spaniels and other dogs with hanging ears will suit the containers quite deep, tapering to the upper part, so that the pet calmly ate. Wide bowls for dogs of this category are not suitable: the ears will freely fall into water or humid food. Particles of wool & ndash, poor addition to meat conservatives and water. The stained or wet ears also do not bring joy to the pet and the owner, forced to clean the furniture and wipe the traces,
  • According to the structure of the muzzle of the pet. For dogs with a flat muzzle (York, Pug, Beijes), a fairly wide and not very deep bowl is needed, otherwise the animal will be inconvenient to get food from a bottom of a deep container. Pets with an elongated nose (shepherds, dog, leverage, Dalmatian) need a more narrow bowl, but enough depth so that the dogs are conveniently eaten, and did not have to collect granules or natural food on a wide surface. It is imperative to take into account not only the length and shape of the bow, but also the size of the pet: a tiny leverage or Chinese dog is not suitable for a large bowl for large animals: dog or shepherds.

Dog bowls on a tripod

The classification is carried out in several parameters:

  • Manufacturing material,
  • Form,
  • Size,
  • The presence of a stand or tripod,
  • The number of bowls based on,
  • Options for home and travel,
  • By the degree of complexity of the design: non-member, auto feeder and auto-pound.

Production material

An important aspect to which you should pay attention to. Inexpensive containers often need to be changed: scratches appear on the walls over time, bacteria penetrate into microcracks, and the risk of intestinal infections increases.

Material for the bowl & ndash, varieties:

  • Plastic. The cheapest option for food and water dishesitable for temporary use for two to three weeks, until the owner buy a metal container. Plastic containers need to be thoroughly washed, wiped dry, otherwise harmful microbes settled in microcracks,
  • Ceramics. A good option for a four-legged pet of small sizes and a calm dog, but not for puppies. Ceramics does not scratch, serves for a long time, looks stylish, just cleanse the surface of the remains of Kirkland dog food, but the bowl is easy to break if the pet is large or too active. It is important that the container is on the stand: it is so likelihood that the bowl will remain intact for a long time,
  • Stainless steel. The best option from the point of view of comfort for the pet and the owner. The material is not subject to corrosion, it is easy to clean the container of food, wipe dry, no scratches appear, as on plastic. The stainless steel is suitable for bowls in which the owner puts various types of food: from granules to raw meat, sour milk products, cereals and vegetables. It is convenient when the containers can be fixed in the stand. For durability, maintaining the quality of products, stainless steel and caustic compounds cannot be washed stainless steel.

Bowl & ndash, impotion


What it is? The device provides maximum comfort to the pet, facilitates the owner of the flooring: many dogs when eating from ordinary dishes are often poured with water, discharged Kirkland dry dog food and natural food. The impotance is suitable for sloppy and large dogs. In the upper part, the water is supplied from a special compartment in small portions, and it is almost impossible to pour the liquid. The water container can bend, which facilitates the process of obtaining liquid with a pet.

Double bowls

A great option for placing water and feed containers in one zone. It is important that the whole double bowl has an anti-slip coating on the stand, otherwise traces of spilled fluids and granules will lie on the floor, far from the food area.

Note! The dog should not easily move the containers on the stand or products mounted on metal legs & ndash, this rule must be taken into account when choosing dishes for a four-legged pet. It is convenient if the bowls are easy to remove and put in a whole-lit stand: in this case, it is comfortable to eat a pet, and the floor around remains clean.

Criterias of choice

Breeders advise taking into account several aspects:

  • The breed of the dog (degree of activity),
  • Animal size,
  • The shape and length of the bow,
  • Manufacturing material for long-term use of the container,
  • The size and length of the ears in the dog,
  • The presence of additional devices at the bowl: tripod, stand for comfortable feeding of the pet.

Size and depth

Dog bowls on a stand

An important aspect to which you need to pay attention to. For animals with a flat muzzle, you need a wide, not very deep bowl. Pets with an elongated nasal part need dishes for meals quite deep and narrow so that the dog does not spray water and does not push the feed behind the edges of the container. In the pet store you can & laquo, try on & raquo, containers and see which bowl is suitable for a specific dog.

The presence of tripods and stands

A useful option that professional breeders, veterinarians and experienced amateur dog breeders pay attention to. If the bowl is on the floor, then the animal, especially medium and large breeds, has to bend low while eating, which creates additional stress on the joints and spine.

wide very deep

Another problem: the constant swallowing of portions of air during meals, if the animal has to take food from a bowl without a stand. Indigestion, bloating in dogs, belching & ndash, problems that occur when a large amount of air enters the body at the same time as food.

Also, the stand and tripod reduce the amount of spilled water that flows into the container if the bowl is at a height. When the dishes are on the floor, it is not uncommon for the coating to be wet, and you have to clean up after every time the dog is thirsty.

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Feed supply

The modern version of the dog bowl provides a gradual filling of food containers with granules and liquid. Feeder-drinker and bowl-dispenser – devices for comfortable feeding of pets in the absence of the owner. The cost of fixtures is relatively low: from 250 to 580.

Interactive bowl for dogs

The principle of operation is simple:

  • In a container similar to a flask, in the upper (vertical) part of the structure, granulated food is placed or water is poured. At the bottom is a bowl made of durable plastic,
  • The hopper for feed and water is tightly closed with a lid, which prevents the oxidation of the granules and the ingress of dust. Automatic drinker and automatic feeder & ndash, ideal options for busy owners: you can leave food and water for the whole day,
  • As soon as the liquid level in the main tank (horizontal) becomes lower (the dog eats part of the food or drinks water), a new portion of food or liquid is added from the upper tank,
  • A four-legged pet will never remain hungry and thirsty as long as there is a supply of pellets or water in the upper container,
  • Drinker and feeder with the principle of adding a new portion of food and liquid is suitable not only for dogs, but also for cats, hamsters, domestic rats, ferrets.

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What should be a bowl for a dog: Breeders' tips

Buy a bowl for a dog on a stand

Opinion of breeders and experienced owners:

  • Do not save on dishes: a stainless bowl will last a long time, without scratches and the risk of checking microbes into cracks on the surface, like cheap plastic,
  • You can purchase stainless steel containers and ceramics for the apartment, take a plastic container on a campaign or to a cottage,
  • The depth of the bowl depends on the length of the ears, the presence of a beard, the size of the hairs on the muzzle,
  • It is important to choose a capacity of a suitable size so that the portions of the feed is enough, and the pet is fed after eating,
  • The container on the stand or tripod reduces the risk of spraying water and liquid food: it is more comfortable for the animal to eat comfortably, you do not need to constantly raise your head. The risk of swallowing air and the development of flatulence in dogs, as in the case of a bow on the floor, is also reduced.
  • It is necessary to change the containers of plastic more often in order to avoid the reproduction of bacteria in microcracks, which inevitably appear during the use of cheap containers,
  • The rubber lining at the bottom of the stand helps the bowl stay in place. Pros: the owner does not stumble on the shifted container in the middle of the kitchen, the water does not spille on the floor, there are no spots from wet paws and low-orientation traces on the floor and furniture,
  • The bowl should be clean, dry with granules or water. Many types of bacteria are actively propagated in a warm, humid environment and on Kirkland dry dog food particles.

Taps for feeding four-legged pets are of different shapes, sizes, depths, plastic, ceramics, stainless steel. Devices make simple and improved: auto-pound and auto feeder.

It is useful to study the assortment, find out how to choose a bowl for dogs, which is better and durable. It is important that the pet is comfortable to eat and quench thirst: many breeders recommend containers on the stand and tripod. Experimentally, you can choose the best option for containers for water and feed.

What are the dog bowls and how to choose a suitable dishes for feeding a pet? More useful recommendations in the following video:

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