Simparika pills for dogs Composition and propertiesSimparika pills for dogs Composition and properties

Simparika pills for dogs Composition and properties

Simeparika for dogs

Protecting a pet from malicious parasites is a reasonable desire for any owner, especially if the dog often happens on the street and communicates with other animals. Books, constant itching, wounds and most importantly – the diseases provoked by parasites are hardly added to the favorite of health and mood.

To save the animal from the "extra passengers", and the owner – the symparik for dogs – antiparasitic preventive and protective agents will help from headache.

Purpose, features and why is used

Simparika is chewing pills designed specifically for dogs, taking into account the characteristics of their body. They are suitable for animals of any gender, age and breed, including dwarf.

The drug can be given to puppies older than 8 weeks and weighing from 1. 3 kg, and combine it with other drugs.

The tablets have a pleasant smell and taste for dogs, so pets use them voluntarily and even with pleasure. For the same reason, the product must be kept away from playful legs so that the pet does not mix them up with a treat and does not treat himself to a delicious – an overdose of the drug can provoke undesirable side effects.

In the correct dosage, the product is non-toxic and absolutely safe for animals, it can be given at any time, regardless of eating.

Only one tablet of sympariki protects a four-haired friend for 35 days. And one package is enough for a long 15 weeks. In spring and summer, when ticks reach the peak of activity, it is recommended to use the product once a month.

The drug demonstrates high effectiveness in the fight against small parasites and is used in the following indications:

  • Infection with ixodic, scabies, ear, meadow, black-legged and other types of ticks – to destroy and prevent re-infection;
  • For the destruction and prevention of fleas;
  • Prevention of pyroplasmosis, anaplasmosis, borreliosis;
  • Treatment and prevention of otodecosis, sarcoptosis (scabies), demodicosis.

Composition and properties

The pharmacological properties of symparics are based on the action of sarolainer – the main substance in the composition – this is an insecticide of the Izoxazoline group, which effectively destroys parasites.

Once in the blood, Sarolaner is quickly absorbed into the walls of the stomach and other organs of the digestive tract, and from there it enters the bloodstream. The optimal level of its concentration in the body is achieved three hours after administration. It affects the nervous system of parasites, provokes their paralysis and rapid death. Most ectoparasites die in the first 12 hours after the reception.

Also, the drug contains lactose monohydrate, sodium carboximal-starch, silicide silicon colloidal, magnesium stearate and taste-aromatic additives.


Instructions for use and important points

The symparika for dogs is produced in tablets with a dosage of 5 to 120 mg of active substance and selected taking into account the weight of the animal.

The tablets are designed for internal use. If the pet for some reason does not want to swallow it, you can crush a pill and mix with Kirkland dog food. Be sure to make sure that the animal completely swallowed the product.

Simparika is given in a strictly calculated dosage based on the weight of the animal and the number of active substance:

  • 1. 3-2. 5 kg-5 mg tablet;
  • 2. 6-5 kg-10 mg tablet;
  • 5. 1-10 kg-a tablet 20 mg;
  • 10-20 kg-tablet 40 mg;
  • 20-40 kg-80 mg tablet;
  • 40-60 kg-a tablet 120 mg;
  • More than 60 kg – several tablets with different concentrations.

If the dosage was exceeded, side effects are possible in the form of a decrease or loss of appetite, apathy, oppressed state, excessive salivation, and tremor of the limbs.

With proper use of the drug, side effects are usually absent.

Simparics can be given to dogs and puppies from 8 weeks, while the weight of the animal should be at least 1. 3 kg. Tablets cannot be taken by pets with individual intolerance to components in the composition of the product, as well as dogs suffering from infectious diseases to complete recovery.

Pregnant and nursing favorites can be taken after examination and permission of the veterinarian.

Due to the form of release in the tablets, the symparik does not impose restrictions on the lifestyle of the pet, does not require insulation, does not wash off during bathing and in the rain, the dog can be washed, walk, train and, together with it, rejoice in a carefree life without parasites.