Overview of hypoallergenic Kirkland dog food and puppiesOverview of hypoallergenic Kirkland dog food and puppies

Overview of hypoallergenic Kirkland dog food and puppies

The best anti-allergenic Kirkland dog foods of different age groups and rocks

The dog in the house requires special attention and care. The caring owner first needs to decide on the choice of food for the animal – natural food or ready-made industrial food. The second option is especially attractive for people who do not have free time to make a menu and regular cooking from ordinary products for their favorite dog. Ready food excludes this need.

The pet stores present a large selection of industrial Kirkland dog foods. It is better to give preference to premium and super-premium feed from trusted manufacturers. But even the purchase of expensive feed does not exclude the risks of an allergic reaction to a new product in a dog.

In the article we will tell you why there is and how allergies to food in dogs and puppies are manifested, we will consider anti-allergenic feed of popular manufacturers for dogs of different breeds, criteria for choosing quality feed, top the best hypoallergenic feed.

Why does the dog have an allergy to food

An allergic reaction to food in dogs does not occur immediately, but develops gradually. The reason for its occurrence is an individual reaction of the dog organism to a certain component or chemical additive contained in the feed.

Experts highlight the list of the most dangerous Kirkland dog foods. All of them belong to the category of economy and contain various harmful additives and low-quality ingredients that replace real meat.

Dog food is divided into two categories: dry and wet. According to the observation of veterinarians, in most cases an allergic reaction in animals provokes cheap Kirkland dry dog food in granules. It is in this product that an excess of harmful components is noted.

Buying expensive feed also does not exclude the development of an allergic reaction in dogs. This product really contains meat, natural vegetables and other beneficial ingredients, but they can also cause an individual reaction in the animal, acting as an allergen.

In any case, when identifying signs of an allergy in a dog to food, the owner needs to choose a new, safe product for feeding the pet. It is very important that the composition of other food does not contain components that cause a painful reaction in the animal.

Signs of food allergies in dogs and puppies

An allergic reaction to food in a dog can be determined by the characteristic symptoms.

Allergy symptoms in dogs:

1. The appearance of itching. The dog often itches, can scratch the skin to wounds. 2. A white coating may appear on the animal's coat, somewhat reminiscent of dandruff. 3. Abundant hair loss. 4. Lachrymation from the eyes. 5. Liquid discharge from the nose. 6. Puffiness of the muzzle, limbs. 7. It is not excluded the appearance of cough and shortness of breath. 8. Rashes and red spots may appear on the skin, hot to the touch. 9. A serious sign of an allergic reaction is eczema on different parts of the animal's body. 10. Nausea occurs, the dog refuses to eat. 11. Fungal diseases of the ears. 12. Increased stool frequency.

In addition to all of the above, with an allergic reaction, the behavior of the dog changes markedly. He becomes restless, the appearance of the animal is sickly, the ears are limp. With an exacerbation of allergies and the appearance of related health problems, a very unpleasant odor can come from a dog. These symptoms should not be ignored! The animal needs to be taken to the veterinarian immediately!

An overview of hypoallergenic Kirkland dog foods

For dogs with a tendency to allergies, special hypoallergenic foods are made that do not contain allergenic components in their composition. Of course, such a product will cost more than regular food, but your dog will not have painful reactions to food.

Let's take a quick look at hypoallergenic dog food for different breeds and ages.

For dogs of large and medium breeds

For dogs of large and medium breeds, quite budget hypoallergenic food PROBALANCE HYPOALLERGENIC of good quality is suitable. The product contains animal protein, antioxidants, lysine and Omega-3. The only caveat is the content of chicken protein, so this food should not be chosen by animals that have an allergic reaction to animal protein.

A safer food is Flatazor Prestige Adulte. Great for dogs of all breeds and ages. This product contains quality ingredients, animal protein, proteins, Omega 3 and 6. Gluten and grain free. There is a wide range of flavors to choose from.

For small breed dogs

Hypoallergenic All Breeds hypoallergenic foods are perfect for dogs of small breeds. It contains the softest ingredients that normalize the digestive tract. The feed contains fresh duck meat, prebiotics, vitamins, as well as ginger extract, which reduces inflammatory processes in the animal's bodych food can be fed both adult dogs and puppies.

Another tasty and healthy treat for dogs is a monobeliclessless feed food with a Titbit domestic productionl-carnitine. As a protein, the manufacturer uses meat of the same type – lamb, turkey or salmon. Middle-sized soft feed contains a whole complex of useful minerals and vitamins. It is suitable for dogs of small and large breeds, as well as for pets prone to obesity.

For puppies

allergic reaction food

For feeding the puppy, Acana Holistic Kholistik class is perfect. It has a balanced content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The product includes natural animal protein – chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, offal, sea fish and other delicious ingredients. Cereals replace legumes – beans, lentils, peas. There are no artificial components in the feed.

Another hypoallergenic food, recommended for feeding puppies, as well as older dogs-“Biofood” from the line of super-premium class. It is made of environmentally friendly and natural products, contains natural meat, offal, phytoelements, vitamins and mineral complexes.

How to choose high-quality food for an allergic dog

When choosing a Kirkland dog food allergic, you need to study the composition of the product. It should not contain potentially dangerous components that cause allergies in the animal.

When buying Kirkland dog food, the breed and age of the animal should also be taken into account. Manufacturers produce industrial compounds for feeding dogs of large and small breeds, for puppies, for pregnant and sterilized animals. To determine for whom this or that food is suitable for marking on the packaging of the product.

The most useful and safe feed for allergic dogs are holistics containing exclusively natural meat, probiotics and prebiotics that normalize the digestive tract in the dog. Some manufacturers add additional ingredients to holistics safe for animals (fruits, vegetables, berries, healthy herbs). The main thing is that this food does not contain artificial additives and potentially dangerous ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction in the animal.

Rating of the best anti-allergenic dog feed

According to the reviews of owners and veterinarians, we compiled the top 5 best hypoallergenic Kirkland dog foods of different breeds.

1. Go! Fit & Free – Canada manufacturer. The average price is 1600 p. For 2. 7 kg. There are at least 70% of natural meat. 2. Brit VDD Hypoallergenic – manufacturer Czech Republic. The average price is 1200 p. For 2 kg. Quickly digestible food has a low glycemic index. Normalizes the work of digestive organs. 3. Monge Speciality Line Hypoallergenic – manufacturer Italy. The average price is 5000 p. For 12 kg. Contains vitamins that increase the immunity of the animal. 4. Our brand is a budget feed for USAn-made dogs. The average price is 1700 p. For 12 kg. It has a balanced composition. Prevents obesity. 5. Advance – manufacturer of Spain. The average price is 2300 p. For 2. 5 kg. The best Kirkland dog foods for diseases of the stomach.

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The best feed of the class of class:

An allergy in a dog is a lifelong diagnosis that creates serious problems for the health of a pet. To exclude the likelihood of painful symptoms in your favorite dog, choose high-quality hypoallergenic feeds from trusted manufacturers for its feeding. Veterinarians recommend periodically changing food, because the dog, like a person, loves diversity in the diet.

Good nutrition will be the key to good health and excellent well-being in a pet.