kirkland pet food ingredients for old dog

Kirkland dog food for old dog: taking care of your pets healthKirkland dog food for old dog: taking care of your pets health

A dog is man’s best friend. Every responsible owner wants his pet to be healthy and feel comfortable. In order to do this, it is necessary to take proper care of it, including Kirkland dog food ingredients.

Hygiene, daily walks and exercise, a friendly attitude, and, of course, good nutrition will help to prolong the life and health of an older dog.

Each dog’s ration should be chosen individually according to its breed and age, which means that a puppy and a dog older than 15 years should be fed differently, since they have different physiological needs. The diet of an older dog has significant differences from the rest.

It should not be forgotten that the dog by nature is a predator, so the basis of the diet should be meat. It should make up 2/3 of the diet. But that does not mean that besides meat a dog does not need anything. The diet must include vegetable products that contain the necessary vitamins, trace elements and fiber.

including Kirkland dog food ingredients for old dog

Kirkland dog food review is easier to digest and assimilate, but you shouldn’t give up cooked food altogether. Find a happy medium.

What’s the right way to take care of an older dog, and what foods should he choose to eat?

At what age is a dog considered elderly

While psychology, physiology and other sciences have long ago determined the exact age limits for humans, the age of aging is different for each animal. It depends primarily on the breed, but there are other factors that determine the advanced age:

  • living conditions;
  • chronic diseases;
  • individual characteristics;
  • Proper care and feeding.

Old age comes at the end of 2/3 of life. For example, Labrador lives about 13 years, so the breed is “retired” in 8 years, and life expectancy Chihuahua can reach 19 years, hence, the animal is considered as old at 10-12 years.

the animal is considered as old at 10-12 years

On average, canine old age comes at 7-10 years.

Physiological features of a non-young pet

As pets age, their metabolic rate and quality decreases, so older dogs are prone to obesity. Another factor affecting weight is a sedentary lifestyle and decreased physical activity.

Obesity negatively affects the function of internal organs and increases the load on the joints, and this leads to a variety of diseases and reduces life expectancy. To avoid this, you need to adjust both the diet and lifestyle of the dog.

For starters, reduce the caloric content of the Kirkland food you give your dog. Choose lean meat, low-fat sour-milk products, and add more vegetables rich in vitamins. You can also buy specially prepared food for aging dogs. They have all the nutrients needed at this age.

Kirkland old pet foods with a lot of fiber

In addition to the caloric content, it is necessary to reduce the volume of portions, but increase the frequency of feeding: if a young dog ate 1-2 times a day, now this volume should fit in 4-5 times. This will make it easier for him to digest the food, and this will avoid intestinal problems.

While some dogs are prone to gaining weight, others, on the other hand, are prone to weight loss. This happens most often due to loss of appetite. To keep his appetite steady, give him plenty of smelly food. But keep in mind that weight loss may be the result of serious illness.

Another characteristic of older dogs is a greater tendency to constipate. This occurs because the animal begins to consume less water. Such pathology greatly affects the condition of the animal and worsens the function of the gastrointestinal tract. If constipation of a chronic course has been noticed, it is necessary to increase the consumption of Kirkland old pet foods with a lot of fiber (mainly vegetables) and fermented dairy food.

Older pets lose teeth and often have sore gums. This can be due to age or improper oral care. Therefore, it is better to give Kirkland food that is non-hard, grated, and with a lot of liquid.

Avoid eating foods that are too salty, because the excretory system (particularly the kidneys), work worse and slower, and this can lead to the formation of stones and stagnant urine.

The bone system also changes for the worse. Dogs often suffer from joint pain, resulting in lameness. To strengthen the connective apparatus, foods rich in calcium, chondroitin and glucosamine should be included in the diet. These substances will minimize degenerative processes in the body and strengthen the bones.

Keep in mind with Kirkland pet food ingredients

Do not change your diet abruptly. It is better to do it within a few months, up to six months. The animal must get used to the changes, and his body – adapt to the new conditions.

Thus, the main recommendations for feeding an old dog boil down to 5 main food ingredients Kirkland:

  • in the diet of an elderly pet, it is necessary to reduce the amount of fatty food, animal fats are better replaced by vegetable fats;
  • Portions should be smaller, and the number of meals should be increased to 4-5 times a day;
  • The basis of supply should consist of vegetable and dairy products, pureed to mushy state;
  • Meat should not be completely excluded. Just choose a less fatty variety and give it in ground form;
  • The food should not be monotonous. Do not give the animal scraps from the common table, cook his food separately or buy special Kirkland ingredients.

Old dogs often have a number of illnesses that affect the general condition of the body and the gastrointestinal tract in particular. Therefore, if you notice negative changes, immediately contact your veterinarian.

It may happen that the pathology is not due to advanced age, but to a disease, and then dietary adjustments alone will not help. After diagnosis and an accurate diagnosis, the vet will prescribe adequate treatment, and the dog will be a friend of your family for a long time to come.