Josera vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, priceJosera vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, price

Josera vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, price

Josera dog food

Kirkland dry dog food for dogs Josera (Joser, Zhozer) are produced in Germany by Josera GmbH & Co. KG. The official site is http://josera-hund. De/ (in German), all important information (feeding compositions, feeding norms, etc.) is present there. The manufacturer offers two lines, one premium and one super premium.

However, most of the super-premium line does not correspond to this class, only the NATURE topline (includes YOUNGSTAR, Active Nature, Salmon & Potato, Duck & Potato, Nature Energetic formulas) can be attributed to it.

In addition to dog food, Josera for cats is also produced.

Josera feed composition

Consider both the yozer feed line, at first the manufacturer positions as premium class, and then the positioned super-premium class.

Josera Premium

We will get acquainted with the composition of the premium line on the example of the Josera Active version (25/17) (for adult active dogs). You can see it in the image below (click on the picture to increase it for the convenience of reading):

Above – data from the official site. Below is a translation.

Flour of poultry meat is the main source of protein in the stern, the percentage is not specified, as well as the bird used. Corn, corn flour and rice are sources of carbohydrates. Poultry fat is a source of fats and fatty acids.

Bell beet pulp is the source of fiber. Hydrolyzed poultry protein is a natural taste supplement, also a protein source. Sodium chloride – salt, taste supplement.

The preservative in the stern uses natural – tocopherols.

Josera Super Premium

We will get acquainted with the composition of the super-premium line on the example of the Josera Adult Active Nature version (for adult active dogs). You can see it in the image below (click on the picture to increase it for the convenience of reading):

On the left – data from the official site of the manufacturer. On the right is a translation.

In the first place – poultry protein (dried) 28%. This ingredient is the main source of protein in the feed, but a little further in composition there is dried lamb protein 9%. In both cases, this protein is not known to have come from meat, offal, or leftover meat products. However, there are no plant-based protein-rich ingredients, which means almost all of the 28% protein reported in the analysis is of animal origin.

The source of carbohydrates are rice, potato starch, pea starch. Although the last two are more processing aids and act as thickeners than really nutritional ingredients for dogs.

Many of the other Super Premium formulas in the line contain corn, so they are not super premium.

The source of fats and fatty acids is poultry fat. Beet pomace and apple pomace are sources of fiber. Hydrolyzed poultry protein is a natural flavoring and also a source of protein.

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Minerals – food supplement of minerals. Yeast is rich in B vitamins. Herbs and fruits are a source of fiber (since it is not specified which herbs and fruits exactly, it is impossible to judge other benefits).

Chicory root is a source of inulin, a prebiotic that is beneficial for digestion. Carob flour is a natural flavor and thickener. Mussel meat meal – rich in vitamins, minerals, glycosaminoglycans (useful for joints).

Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of these feeds:

  • The main source of protein is meat ingredients;
  • Good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • A natural preservative is used (tocopherol, essentially vitamin E);
  • A wide range, there are food for small breeds, grain-free food, etc.

Disadvantages of Josera:

  • In the feeds of the Premium line, the composition is poorer and corn is widely used;
  • In feeds of the Premium line, there is less vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • In USA it is not very common, although it is very common in Ukraine, Belarus.

Josera dog food - reviews

Josera dog food reviews

There are a lot of reviews on the German Josera dog food on the Internet. Below we've compiled some of the newest ones we've found.

Reviews of veterinarians

We do not have direct reviews from veterinarians about Yoser feeds. If these appear in the future, we will supplement this review with them.

Customer Reviews


I have a Kurzhaar girl, 6 months old, I bought a puppy at the age of three months, the breeder fed me porridge and meat. For two months I fed her like this, Boiled beef, raw beef, beef liver, Sea fish, well, of course, everyday cooking of cereals.

In general, it was tired of me, decided to go to drying, and somehow accidentally stumbled upon Joser Junior. So, for a month now the dog is happy to eat this food, it goes to the toilet normally, there is no allergy, in general, everything suits.

What will happen next – time will tell. My dog likes food, and the price is happy with me. If everything will continue to be normal, then up to a year I will feed this food. Then I will switch to adult dog feed.

Reviews about dogs for dogs Jossera

Josera dog feed granules

Reviews about the Kirkland dog foods Josher

*Photos above are not a direct illustration of the reviews presented in the review.

And we tried Joser, did not fit. The girl’s girl was allergic, began to itch, dandruff appeared. They returned to Royal Kanin and everything returned to normal. But the shepherd in this stern feels great.

Good, high-quality food from a famous German manufacturer. I feed them my puppy of the breed Kane Corso. Recruited this food in the nursery in which the puppy purchased. The dog is already eating the second 15-kilogram bag of Josera Kids. Therefore, I advise everyone. For up to 4 months, he fed the baby with Josera Family food, and then transferred to this one.

Price and where to buy

The feed of this brand is sold at the following prices:

  1. "Rozetka" (link):
    • Packaging 900 g – from 182 UAH;
    • Packaging 4B5 kg – from 797 UAH;
    • Packaging 15 kg – from 1905 UAH.

The above prices are estimated, can differ significantly depending on the store and the feed option.

Conclusions about the stern "Josher"

About the Kirkland dog foods Josera, the reviews are mostly positive, although there are also negative ones. As for the composition, the Super Premium ruler is already quite good and therefore the Petobor site has no reason not to recommend it as the main diet for your pets.

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