How much does Kangal cost?How much does Kangal cost?

How much does Kangal cost?

Did you know that there is such a Turkish dog breed as Turkish Kangal? These dogs belong to the guard. There is a town of canvas, which is located in the Turkish province of Sivas. Some call this breed Anatolian shepherd or Kangalsky karabash. Outwardly, dogs resemble mastphs. Their hair is yellow with brown tone, and there is a black mask on the muzzle. In Turkey, there are clubs uniting Kangal lovers, for example, Ankader or Ankara Kangal Derneği, Kif or Cynology Federalization of Turkey. Some dogs have white marks, others have no mask.

Kangaly is excellent defenders, they are faithful to the family, gently behave with children and other animals. Their popularity is gradually increasing. There is a version that Kanla is a tribe that migrated to Anatoly from Turkestan, and there a village called Kangal arose. It stands today. According to this version, the homeland of the breed is not Turkey, but Turkestan.

Hypotheses about the Abyssinian or Babylonian origin of dogs were put forward, but scientists conducted genetic studies and such versions were not confirmed. There was a hypothesis that these dogs are descendants of a couple from India, but scientists consider this version not serious. One thing is clear that the breed is ancient and these dogs have served people for centuries. Many countries want the homeland of these wonderful dogs to be with them.

Some believe that Turkish shepherds cannot be taken out of the country, as it is prohibited by law, others say that it is officially vaccinated and with documents. In the XX century. In the 80s. Representatives of the breed were taken to America. Dogs are bred there and now. Sold, wishing to purchase. If you like dog battles, you can see them with the participation of Kangalov via the Internet. Often the rivals of these large dogs are the same large alabai.


Kangalsky Karabash looks very representative and inspiring respect. This is a tall and harmoniously built dog of strong physique, with a powerful body, a muscular neck and strong slender limbs. He has a large head, hanging triangular ears, rounded at the ends (when the dog is on his guard, his ears rise), a long and high-set tail, which at rest is lowered down and slightly curved, and in an excited state, the dog carries it highly raised and bent ontoback.

The height at the withers near the Kangalsky Karabash is 71 – 89 cm, weight 34 – 69 kg. This Turkish shepherd’s coat is thick, short, hard and tightly adjacent to the body, with a thick undercoat. On the neck, shoulders and tail, wool is longer than on the whole body. The color of Kangal can be gray-brown, gray-yellow or brown-yellow, there must be a black mask on the face. The white color of the representatives of this breed is not allowed.

Kangal gives the impression of strength and impressiveness, but at the same time harmony and tranquility. His movements are free, energetic and dexterous: when walking, the Kangalsky Karabash holds his head and neck on the same line with his back, which makes it the impression that the dog does not go, but is sneaked.



The dexterous, energetic, extremely obedient Kangal earned the most commendable reviews of Turkish cattle breeders. Kangal dogs won special glory with their unpretentiousness and performance. They are able to carry their service in the most difficult climatic conditions and even at the cost of life. Moreover, in comparison with many other breeds, Kangals do not require almost no care.

The shepherds say that if one sheep is lost from the herd, Kangal can guard the lost sheep without food and water. Farmers also value fearlessness and the strength of this dog. It is known that this is the only representative of home dogs that can easily strangle the wolf. For such a feat, the owner of Otara always cuts a personal ram for a dog.

From the point of view of home breeding Kangal, this is not a suitable breed. This is not just a working dog, she loves her work and needs very large loads. Therefore, lying on the rug for days, she will saddle and become aggressive and restless. In an extreme case, such a dog is suitable for maintenance on the territory of a country house, where he can run and protect his “his” large territory. But with all his respect for the owner, this dog is very independent and independent. And when learning, he should be very firmly shown who is the main one.

Disadvantages of the breed

Karabash is not for everyone. The owner of the dog himself must be a dominant personality in order to get the recognition of the dog. In addition, it requires competent and consistent education, otherwise it will become an uncontrollable beast, which even the owner will be afraid. These dogs are sensitive to anesthesia! Since Karabash is a large, tall and heavy dog, over time it may have problems with joints, up to dysplasia. The characteristics listed above relate to the breed as a whole, but this does not mean at all that your dog will be exactly like that.

Care and content


Kangal is a rather whimsical dog. It is required to follow certain rules so that the pet lives well. It is recommended to walk the dog about 3-4 times a day, and in time it should be very long walks. So if the Anatolian lives in the apartment, then this is quite unprofitable, since he will have to devote a lot of time to him. That is why it is best to start such a dog if the family lives in a private house. Anatolian shepherd can adapt to various weather conditions on the street. She tolerates well the heat and a sharp cooling. But it would be best to build an aviary him, where there will be a booth with insulation.

Do not tie this dog. She is very smart, so such a gesture of the owner can embitter her. It is necessary to distinguish a certain territory for Kangal, where he can run freely. By the way, this dog will perfectly guard the country house.

The breed of dogs Kangall is melting, like the rest of the dogs, in the spring and autumn. At this time, you need to try to comb the pet as often as possible to remove the undercoat that dies. The rest of the time, a pair of sessions per week will be enough, but if desired, this can be done more often.


The food of any dog should be full and balanced. The diet must include natural meat, meat offal, cereals, cereals and vegetables, exceptions are rice and potatoes, these products should be excluded. Also, you can not give confectionery and butt products.

Natural nutrition can be replaced with Kirkland dry dog food, but only if you prefer premium and super premium class feeds.


Please note that you need to choose only one type of nutrition, you can not combine natural food with Kirkland dry dog food, otherwise this can negatively affect the health of the dog.

The breed is prone to overeating and obesity, so it is important to feed the dog at certain hours, the daily rate of food should be approximately 20% of the Cangal mass. For more detailed information on the feeding of Anatolian breed, we recommend that you contact specialized pet stores or veterinary clinics.

Dog training

dogs this breed

Kangals are smart and obedient animals, the purpose of whose life is the service of their person. From dogs of this breed you can expect brilliant results in training.

You can start training from the first months of life, the early socialization of the animal will also benefit him. They perfectly remember the teams, but for their successful implementation, training should be interesting, strict, but not cruel for them. The dogs of this breed are brought up and neat, for no reason they do not give a voice, but in serious circumstances you can hear their truly formidable barking. The authority of the owner for Cangal is indisputable, there is respect, and love, and friendship.


It is not easy to buy Kangala, since this breed is the national property of Turkey and is prohibited for exporting outside the country. However, you can try to find this breed in the nurseries of USA and Europe. You can find a puppy in the bird market or on the Internet. The owners sometimes post, except for photos, a video with puppies and their parents. But in the case of such a purchase there are no special guarantees that the animal is a real kangal. Therefore, it is better to look for a puppy in specialized nurseries, where they will provide a pedigree and detailed information about the content and living conditions of animals of this breed, as well as make them the necessary vaccinations.

The price of the puppies is quite high – from 60 thousand per puppy. It all depends on the availability of documents, the color of the puppy, its purification. But the high cost pays off by the fact that this breed is an excellent watchman and a workshop that will be significant support and help to the owner.

How to choose a puppy?


Anatolian karabash puppies begin to disassemble upon reaching the age of 2-2. 5 months. When deciding to engage in the breeding of Cangal, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the documents of the parents of the puppies. Considering the litter, choose a puppy: attracted; tall, well folded; with shiny eyes and wet nose; Actively eating and playing with brothers and sisters.


Turkish Cangal has many advantages. For example, these dogs are physically very hardy. They also differ in courage, love people. He has a stable psyche. However, it must be borne in mind that these dogs also have their drawbacks. For example, it will be very difficult to maintain in urban conditions such a dog. In addition, to feed this animal, you will need a lot of financial costs. In addition, it must be borne in mind that there will be difficulties in order to acquire a purebred cangal, this is not to mention its cost.