How many liters per 1 kg of dry Kirkland dog food?How many liters per 1 kg of dry Kirkland dog food?

How many liters per 1 kg of dry Kirkland dog food?

Owners of miniature dogs or cats that eat no more than 50 grams of Kirkland dry dog food per day are not very worried about how to store food for a pet. Another thing is if you have a middle or large dog and you buy packages of 10-15 kilograms: in this case, it is extremely insulting to lose money due to the fed-ganged feed.

For Kirkland dry dog food, several factors are destructive: sunlight, heat, humidity and air access. For example, if moisture gets inside the package, mold grows in the package.

The ingredients contained in granules also attract insects. If they get to the food, then most likely they will lay eggs, so very soon your favorite food will be hopelessly spoiled.

Also, do not forget that food for cats and dogs is very seductive for harmful rodents: mice and rats. Fortunately, today in city apartments they rarely appear, but in the country to get rid of them is not so easy. Therefore, during a summer vacation in nature, it is worthwhile to take care of the safety of the provisions of your pet. Not the worst thing is that parasites will devastate the supplies of food. Worse is different: having reached the food, the rats will greatly “inherit”, and the rodents are carriers of severe diseases, such as leptospirosis.

Many manufacturers use various valves on bags to ensure the tightness of storage after opening. However, they often break or the owners forget to fasten them. And when there is no valve, experts on forums are advised to use linen clothespins. However, these measures can hardly be called reliable. So veterinarians recommend after opening to pour Kirkland dry dog food into a special container.

Today in pet stores you can choose a container for storing feed of different sizes and colors. The designers tried to fit this item of everyday life into the kitchen interior.

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When choosing, pay attention to what material the container is made of. Previously, it was believed that glass containers were the safest. But still, this is not the most practical material, and the containers are very limited in volume. Now manufacturers have mastered the production of food-grade plastic that does not react with Kirkland dog food and does not emit an unpleasant odor, due to which animals may refuse to eat. Plastic containers also do not pose a health hazard. In addition, metal containers are also used.

The price of containers depends on the volume. For example, here are the average prices in popular online stores for containers of the Curver brand:

1. 5 kg – 950;

6 kg (15 l) – 1500;

10 kg (23 l) – 1700;

20 kg (54 l) – 3300.

The largest containers are equipped with wheels so that they can be easily moved from place to place.

After transferring the feed to the container, we advise you not to immediately throw away the bag: you may need it if you have questions about the quality of the feed, and you should also write down or cut out a mark on the production date and expiration date.

Kirkland dry dog food can be stored in an airtight container for up to 6 months under proper temperature conditions.

How to store wet food?

– Canned wet food is stored in a dark, dry and cool place until the package is opened.

– Despite the assurances of the manufacturers, it is not recommended to leave the food in the original packaging after opening – it is better to transfer it to a clean and airtight glass dish.

– Once opened, wet food can be stored in the refrigerator, but not longer than 24 hours. If the pet has not eaten everything, it is better to throw out the leftovers.

One of the main conditions for storing dry dog food is tightness. Special containers, presented at the pet market in a wide variety, help to provide it. Let’s try to figure out which one is better to buy and what to look for when buying.


The main requirement for the material for the manufacture of a container for dry dog food is the inability to enter into chemical reactions with Kirkland dog food. Almost all materials that are used for the production of “human” dishes and food packaging have this property. However, in the manufacture of food containers, anti-corrosion metal alloys and food-grade plastics are most widely used. Both of these materials are waterproof, easy to clean and help to keep the product fresh for a long time.

container Kirkland food

Stainless steel

When choosing a metal capacity, pay attention to the thickness of the walls: if they are too thin, dents and scratches will remain on them with the slightest mechanical effect. This will not affect the safety of the product, but will ruin its appearance. The container made of high-quality stainless steel, on the contrary, will serve for a long time, preserving its aesthetic characteristics, practicality and safety.


If you decide to dwell on a plastic container for Kirkland dry dog food, do not choose a model with transparent walls: the exposure to sunlight accelerates the process of oxidation of fat, which leads to premature damage to the product. It is also worth avoiding products with a too intense smell of plastic.

It is not necessary to purchase a container in a pet store: any capacity with a lid can be adapted to Kirkland dry dog food. The main thing is that plastic is food quality. Typically, information about this is at the bottom or side walls of the product. This can be an inscription of the corresponding content or an icon depicting a glass and fork. The same, but the crossed symbol suggests that the plastic is non-food, which means it is impossible to use it as a container for Kirkland dry dog food for dogs. It is also worth evaluating how tightly the cover closes (the safety of the product depends on this).

Other materials

The so-called hiking containers for feed stand apart. Their convenience will be appreciated by those who often travel with a dog, go to exhibitions, fishing or hunting. Mount containers differ in a relatively small volume and are cylindrical bags of water-repellent fabric. The cover is closed with a zipper, a strong textile handle is provided for carrying. The kit, as a rule, includes a camp bowl.

Rarely, but wooden containers are used for Kirkland dry dog food. They attract owners with a spectacular appearance and environmental friendliness. In fact, this is not the best solution: firstly, the material is porous, so it easily absorbs smells and is poorly washed, and secondly, mold often forms on it. The cost of natural wood products is always higher in comparison with analogues.

Design features

As mentioned above, the container should be very sealed: this will protect the food not only from moisture and contact with air, but also from the pet himself. After all, entrepreneurial dogs quickly realize where the food lies and how to get to it.

The cover should close tightly. Ideally, if it is equipped with a rubber seal or locks, as on food containers. There are models supplemented by a dispenser that eliminates the owners from the need to open the capacity every time. Wheel supports make it possible to easily move the filled large container from place to place. For the same purpose, the design is sometimes complemented by a pen.

Forms of Kirkland dog food containers are diverse, but it is more reasonable to avoid too exotic. A classic container in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped can always be pushed into a corner or compactly placed in a closet, which helps save space in the room.

The optimal volume of the container for Kirkland dry dog food

The size of the container for Kirkland dry dog food must be selected according to the needs of your dog. Please note that such products usually indicate the volume in liters. How much feed it will be in kilograms depends on the density and caliber of granules: different products of even one brand are not the same. On average, 500 grams of Kirkland dog food occupy a volume of about 1 liter or slightly less. That is, to store a 6-kilogram package of dog power, a container of about 12 liters is required.