Grain-free Kirkland Dog Food with white fishGrain-free Kirkland Dog Food with white fish

It is ideal for pets, requiring special attention and skin and hair care, as well as pets with sensitive digestion or prone to allergies. The formula is rich in oceanic fish meat, Omega-6, Omega-3 and the necessary amino acids are saturated.

  • 65% of meat in the composition
  • Low-grain composition
  • Two sources of animal protein
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients
  • 25% proteins, 14% fat

It does not contain: corn, wheat, beets, peas, offal, eggs, chicken, chicken fat, salt, sugar, dyes, flavors, all and GMOs.

Carefully selected, natural hypoallergenic ingredients, help prevent allergic reactions and food intolerance, providing immune and digestive health.

The delicate method of preparation retains all the beneficial properties and nutrients of natural ingredients provide an excellent physical condition of the pet.

Key ingredients

Cod fillet

Dietary white meat, rich in protein, useful fats Omega-3, potassium, sodium, zinc and iodine.

Herring fillet

Omega 3 is rich in protein and fatty acids, contains phosphorus, calcium, iodine, fluorine, magnesium and sodium.

Brown rice

An excellent dietary source of fiber, improves digestion, has a low glycemic index.


Improves metabolism and digestion, soothes the nervous system, normalizes cholesterol.

Sweet potato

A dietary source of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, a natural antioxidant, improves digestion.


Improves intestinal function, restores carbohydrate metabolism and strengthens immunity.

Salmon oil

Rich Omega 3, improves the condition of the skin and wool, strengthens the immunity, promotes digestion.

Locust bean

It improves the composition of the blood, lowers cholesterol, removes toxins, improves digestion.

The apple is green

Natural antioxidant, reduces the risks of the disease, promotes cell development, improves metabolism.

Antarctic kril

Rich in protein, Omega-3, is useful for the heart, brain, nervous system and joints.


Dehydrated Cod Meat, Dehydrated Herring Meat, Whole Brown Rice, Turkey Fat, Chicory Extract (Natural Source of FOS and Inulin), Dried Sweet Potato (Yam), Dried Spinach, Fresh Salmon Butter, Carob Flour, Dried Apple, Dried AntarcticaKrill (Natural Source EPA & DHA), Brewer's Yeast (Natural Source MOS),l-Carnitine, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Natural Antioxidant Complex (Rosemary, Grapefruit, Orange, Turmeric & Syzygium Extract). Preserved with Vitamin C, Rosemary and Natural Tocopherol Blend (natural source of Vitamin E).

Metabolic energy is: 4, 050 kcal/kg

Analysis % Protein: 25. 0 Fat: 14. 0 Omega-6: 3. 5 Omega-3: 1. 6 Ash: 7. 5 Fiber: 3. 0 Moisture: 9. 0 Calcium (Ca): 1. 4 Phosphorus(P): 1. 2

Vitamins (mg/kg) Vitamin A (IU/kg): 15. 000 Vitamin D3 (IU/kg): 1. 500 Vitamin E (a-tocopherol): 150 Vitamin B1: 12. 3; B2:10. 0; B6: 7. 0; B12: 60. 0 Vitamin C: 100. 0 Pantothenic acid: 50. 0 Choline: 1250. 0 Folic acid: 0. 5 Biotin (µg/kg): 300. 0 Niacin: 50. 0

Iron (E1): 90. 0 Copper (E4): 13. 0 Zinc (E6): 100. 0 Manganese (E5): 40. 0 Iodine (E2): 1. 0 Selenium (E8): 0. 2 Glucosamine:1. 500 Chondroitin: 1. 000 MSM: 40

Natural Antioxidant Complex (Rosemary, Grapefruit, Orange, Turmeric and Syzygium Extract): 300

+ 65% Meat + Only Animal Proteins + Only Hypoallergenic Ingredients + Only Meat Without Offal + Chondroprotector Complex + Balanced Omega 6-3 Ratio + pH Control + Low Ash Content + Natural Antioxidants + Gentle Cooking

Recommended daily allowance in grams

Complex Rosemary Grapefruit
Dog weight (kg) 5-10 15-20 25-30 35-40 45-50 55-60 65-70
Gram per day 80-130 200-230 270-300 350-380 400-440 470-510 520-570

Health prevention every day

Our carefully selected, nutrient-rich ingredients help prevent allergic reactions and food intolerances, ensuring your pet's immune and digestive health and physical well-being for a long, healthy life.

Antioxidant Complex Rosemary Grapefruit Orange Turmeric