DIY Halloween A few ideas for making an outfit for dogsDIY Halloween A few ideas for making an outfit for dogs

DIY Halloween A few ideas for making an outfit for dogs

Halloween dog costume

Are you planning to celebrate Halloween with family or friends? Do not forget about your four-legged friend. To get an awesome outfit for a pet, you will need time and fantasy. He will definitely attract attention to Halloween and will help to scare and amuse friends and passers-by.


There are many options: you can buy a suit in a pets store, order on the Internet or do it yourself.

The third option is preferable, since having made a robe on your own, you can be sure that it will definitely suit your pet.

A few ideas for making an outfit with your own hands:

  • A vampire dog (Dracula).
  • Dinosaur.
  • Poodle-zombie.
  • Character from the film, cartoon.
  • A wig of threads, wool will transform a pet.
  • Bat.
  • The shark fin, is easy to manufacture, looks original.
  • Hell’s dog (Chertic).
  • The dog is a hot dog.


When choosing an outfit, it should be remembered that many dogs do not like when they put on something. Do not forget about the comfort of the animal.

If the pet from childhood is not accustomed to wearing clothes, then first you need to put on a sleevelesst-shirt, let you get used to clothes. The dog can play, run until it forgets that something is worn on her.

ADVICE! The dog should be comfortable in a suit, nothing should rub. You can test the outfit, putting it on in advance. This will help you get used to the four-legged clothes, do not throw it away.

How to make a simple costume for a pet with your own hands

Below are options for costumes. You can follow the instructions, or you can make it to your taste. The main thing is that your pet is convenient.


Halloween dog costume

Bringing is made of white fabric. It is necessary to cut a circle from the fabric equal to the height of the dog, cut circles in the place of the eyes, the nose of the dog. You can supplement the costume with a bucket in the form of pumpkin.


Halloween dog costume

This option is suitable for a pet with dark wool. For the skeleton you will need white crayons or gouache. It is necessary to apply bones to parts of the body.


Halloween dog costume

The character from the cartoon “Frankenweenie” is suitable for Halloween. Need dark gouache or coals for drawing, bolts. Draw scars like a hero. Screw on the collar on both sides.

Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother

Halloween dog costume

You will need: old glasses, a cap and a nightgown.

It is advisable to reshape the nightgown under the pet. Fasten the cap, glasses.

The wolf that ate the grandmother is ready.


Complex costume options


Halloween dog costume

You will need: orange, green and black fabrics.

From the orange fabric, cut out two patterns for a hood and one for a raincoat. Sew both halves of the hood, sew them to the cloak. From the green fabric, cut out the leaves and the stalk of the pumpkin, connect with the cape. From black material, make elements of the pumpkin face, sew to the middle of the cloak. Ties, Velcro are suitable as fasteners.

Spider dog

Halloween dog costume

You will need: hard wire, pieces of fur, harness.

How to do:

  • Attach a bent wire to the harness on both sides, the wire should imitate the paws of a spider.
  • Sew covers of spider legs from fur.


Halloween dog costume

Cerberus is a three-headed dog that guards the entrance to hell.

For the manufacture will require a harness and two heads.

Heads can be made from papier-mâché, and decorated with faux fur on top. After making the heads, they need to be fixed on the harness. The costume will turn out spectacular, but it will take time to make it.