Classes of dry Kirkland dog food and differences between themClasses of dry Kirkland dog food and differences between them

Classes of dry Kirkland dog food and differences between them

Dog feed classes

In January 2021, Midwestern Pet Food revoked Sportmix food from the sale due to death hundreds of dogs. The reason is the infection of the product with a fungus, which parasitizes on the corn that is part of the granules. Mold produces aphlotoxins that cause liver and renal failure, poisoning, cancer. So that this does not happen to your favorite, it is important to buy quality goods, so look at his class and composition.


The food must be balanced, fully meet the needs of dogs. It must contain:

  • Squirrels – preferably animal origin (beef, lamb, bird, fish). It is extremely undesirable to transfer the dog to vegetarian food. Dogs predators, plant proteins of meat will not replace them.
  • Fat – usually extracted from poultry fat.
  • Carbohydrates – rice, wheat, corn, etc.
  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

The meat in high-quality nutrition should occupy the first positions. Further – vegetables, cereals, offal (stomach, heart, liver). For allergies, a product is released where there are no grains, since cereals are often the cause of an allergic reaction.

Many commercial products contain substances whose presence is undesirable. Among them:

Meat-bone flour: what is the catch

In the EU countries, meat-bone flour is prohibited. This is a product that is made from the corpses of deceased or dead animals, and not from cattle given to the slaughter. Manufacturers assure that the flour passes strict control, and carcasses of animals that have died from infectious diseases are not used.

The reason for the ban – in the manufacture of flour, it is impossible to accurately comply with the technology of production. There are other factors on which meat-bone flour is undesirable:

  • Under the influence of high temperature, useful substances are destroyed.
  • Antioxidants and preservatives are often added to the composition to extend the service life.
  • Often contains a lot of fat.
  • The product can be processed by harmful substances, e. G. chlorine or formalin.

Thus, all that remains the consumer is to rely on the manufacturer. If the feed contains meat-bone flour, look at its reputation. Do not trust little-known firms.

By-products of animal origin

Do not confuse by offices with offal (stomach, liver, light). These are different things. In this case, granules may contain:

  • Parts of animals that are not intended for human use (bones, intestines, blood);
  • The remains of animals that died due to illness, provided that were processed according to all the requirements;
  • The head and spinal cord of the cows, which in America is banned due to the risk of transmission of cow’s rage.

Obviously, such food is not the best option for your pet.

What is included in a good nutrition

The dog is attributed to carnivorous animals. The main source for its power is protein. The use of various types of muscle fibers will help to achieve the required level of protein compounds. You can get them from fish, various types of meat.


  • Muscle fibers can be any. When selecting nutritious components, the condition of the animal must be taken into account.
  • Particular attention is recommended to be paid to the appearance of products. The meat should have a pleasant pink shade.
  • He should not have a pungent smell. For puppies, on average, you will need from 200 to 300 g of protein, and adults up to 600 g.


It is not recommended to overfeed the dog. The fact is that Purin is present in muscle fibers. Excess of this substance can provoke the occurrence of urolithiasis. The use of offal should be up to 70%. Veterinarians recommend feeding the dog with raw bones.

minerals amino acids

Different species of fish will help to make up for omega-3 fatty acids. Experts advise to arrange sea days in the diet of pets up to 3 times a week. For feeding, it is preferable to choose varieties of fish with a minimum amount of bones. Previously, products are subjected to heat treatment.


So that the nutrition is not worth it to refuse fruits, vegetables and berries. They can be used in cheese and stew. The daily dosage of fiber should be approximately 250-300 g.


Sour-milk products make it possible to normalize intestinal peristalsis and the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Veterinarians prohibit the use of milk. It is practically not absorbed by the dog body.


Economy class dogs

The product is made from the cheapest ingredients. Its main part is offal, cereals, chemical additives. It can also contain low-quality meat from dead, dead animals from diseases.

In some feeds, the composition is not bad, but the proportions do not correspond to the stated on the packaging. It is based on products that are the cheapest in this season. Since the product is cheap, no one reprints packaging.

In some animals, even after a one-time reception, vomiting, diarrhea may occur. If there are no negative reactions, it is impossible to regularly feed the dog with a product. It contains an increased number of hormones, pesticides on which animals and plants grew. In addition, the incorrect ratio of vitamin, minerals, amino acids is also characteristic of economy feed. This negatively affects the health of the dog.

List of economy class feed

  • Pedigree;
  • Darling;
  • Chappi;
  • All Dogs;
  • Our brand;
  • Dilly;
  • Favorite.

To date, several popular brands of dog feed are distinguished, which are in great demand among breeders and professional dog breeders.

y-products animal origin

This list includes:

minerals amino acids
Kirkland food dogs
minerals amino acids
minerals amino acids
omega-3 fatty acids
work gastrointestinal tract

The Royal Canin Kirkland dry dog food for dogs includes cereals in the form of wheat and rice. As a protein, meat products are used. Grain flour is used as an additional component that provides prolonged saturation of the animal body.


Do not hide the presence of flavorings. They allow you to maintain a pleasant smell of products after opening the packaging. As fiber, grilled grain is used.

minerals amino acids

The following list of ingredients is used as part of Kirkland dry dog food for dogs. These include:

  • Bird meat. For the manufacture of a nutrient mixture, chicken, turkey are chosen. It is these products that are rich in protein and contain a minimum amount of animal fat;
  • Lentils, legumes and green peas. These components provide a normal fiber level and activate the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Offal. In this case, chicken liver, heart and even kidneys are chosen. They saturate the animal organism with protein and omega-3 fatty acids;
  • A fish. In the production of Akan feed, herring fillet is chosen. This fish contains a minimum amount of bones that can cause animal trauma.

omega-3 fatty acids
omega-3 fatty acids
minerals amino acids
minimum amount bones

This food is referred to the average price segment. It is recommended for daily diet to dogs of different breeds.

Kirkland food dogs

Kirkland dry dog food of chapping for dogs is produced in USA. This company also makes Royal Canin feed. The feed mixture is attributed to the economy class. Veterinarians do not recommend regular feeding pets with this type of food raw materials.

minimum amount bones

Chappie is a particular danger for the elderly and young animals. The fact is that poor-quality ingredients provokes the development of kidney diseases, violate the work of the gastrointestinal tract and can cause severe allergies.


Premium dog food

Kirkland dry dog food for middle-class pets contain better ingredients, so they are recommended to be given constantly. In the first place there is meat, and only then there are cereals and vegetables. They also contain a vitamin-mineral complex, other necessary substances.

Among the best premium dog feed, there are products created for patients with dogs (Hill’s). It can be nutrition for dogs with sick kidneys, heart, suffering from obesity. The line can have a product created for elderly animals, feeding bitches.

Inexpensive premium dog feeds are better absorbed than economy, so the portion is less. Nevertheless, there may be dyes, sweeteners, flavors, other substances that are undesirable for pets. The cereals that are part of the granules can provoke allergies. Therefore, if the pet has itching, urticaria, better nutrition is needed.

Premium dog feed list

  • Advance;
  • Brit Premium;
  • Hills;
  • Nature’s Protection.
  • Royal Canin;
  • Probalance;
  • Purina (Pro Plan, One, Dog Chow);
  • Reded;
  • Meal.

Veterinary feed

Veterinary feeds are not suitable for daily use. They are prescribed by doctors for the prevention or treatment of a certain disease. You can see them on special marks on packages.

A product designed to treat diseases of the digestive system. It differs in a high content of probiotics to normalize the intestinal microflora and the presence of easily digestible ingredients. The amount of protein is reduced and fiber is increased. It is desirable that the fiber be represented by rice (the most dietary product), as in Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal.

Balanced food for the treatment of the liver (for example, Royal Canin Hepatic HF16). The composition of plant proteins, as well as the amount of copper and zinc. The complex of antioxidants slows down the destruction of liver cells.

Nutrition for the treatment of kidney diseases. The content of proteins and phosphates has been increased to prevent renal failure. An example of food with such a composition is Happy Dog Renal.

Taste of the Wild vs Nature’s Domain by Costco’s Kirkland Signature

Nutrition for urolithiasis, for example, Hill’s Urinary Care. The mineral formula removes stones and sand, and magnesium, potassium and calcium prevent inflammation of the bladder.

For pets with diseases of the cardiovascular system. The composition containsl-carnitine. These feed include Royal Canin Cardiac EC.

Feed for animals with diabetespport the normal level of glucose in the blood. For example, Farmina Vet Life Diabetic.

Do not independently prescribe veterinary feeds to your pet. Depending on the type and severity of the disease, treatment will be recommended, and diet is only part of the complex therapy.

If, besides you, the dogs are looking after the dog, they should be aware of the health status of the pet and follow the recommendations. We advise you to read about how to choose a docter.


Super-premium Kirkland dog foods

Kirkland dry dog food for dogs of super-premium class rarely cause allergies. They have a lot of meat, useful ingredients, few cereals. They do not have flavorings, preservatives. The composition indicated on the packaging is fully consistent with the content. The product is absorbed by 90%, so portions are needed small.

The best Kirkland dog foods of super-premium class can be selected in accordance with age, activity, health of the dog. Manufacturers offer dry premium dog feeds to improve the condition of the hair, the animal claws, and the Dr. Clauder’s brand line sells animal foods with kidneys, intestines.

Super-premium dog feed list

  • Acana.
  • Eminent Light/Sterile;
  • Nutram;
  • DAX;
  • Prolapa;
  • Pro PAC;
  • Pronature Original.

Classer feed holistic for dogs

The best Kirkland dry dog food of the holistic class for dogs provides pets with all the substances necessary for their development, health. Feed is made of carcasses of animals that were not pricked with antibiotics, hormones, and made it possible to walk in pastures. Cereals, vegetables that are part of the holistic are grown without chemicals.

Premium-class dog feed is almost completely absorbed, it affects the work of all organs and substances. It contains only beneficial fats, there are no harmful, so the animal will not recover with proper feeding Kirkland dry dog food for dogs of class holistics.

List for dog feeding Holistic class

  • Pureluxe;
  • Orijen;
  • Pronature Holistic;
  • Farmina N & D;
  • Summit Holistic.

Fake feed – what to look for

Feed for animals is often faked and, as practice shows, most fakes belong to the premium class.

Feed counterfeiting is a grassroots business that is rarely punished by law. Manufacturers are trying to protect their products with holograms, special instructions on the pack and other means. You also need to be vigilant when you’re in the buyer’s seat, especially if there’s a big difference in price or the type of food packaging you’re worried about.

y-products animal origin

Each food package contains information about the manufacturer, including its legal address and a list of official dealers. If the feed is produced under a license or certificate, this information is always indicated on the pack.

To protect yourself from fraud or dishonesty of sellers, it is recommended to purchase food only in closed packs and from official representatives. Retail outlets can be official representatives if they have quality certificates that are provided by the dealer. In the absence of documentation, it is better to refrain from buying Kirkland dog food.

The most reliable way to purchase feed, especially when it comes to holistic class products, is to contact an official dealer or manufacturer. Almost all feed manufacturers have multilingual websites where you can order the products you are interested in.

How to choose a dog food grade

Choose food for dogs, taking into account the quality of the product and your financial capabilities. When deciding which premium dog food to buy, look at the ingredients. Some brands may be close to cheap feed, others to a higher class. Therefore, read carefully. Look not only at the composition of food for middle-class dogs, but also at the brand, the name of the product. One manufacturer can make products of different quality.

Veterinarians do not advise feeding your pet with economy food all the time. If you still decide to buy it, pay attention to the following points:

  • Composition. It is better that there are no flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives, and other obscure components.
  • Brand. Serious corporations produce food of different classes. Give preference to firms that value reputation.
  • Best before date. Buy a product released a month or two ago. If the storage time is coming to an end, refuse the purchase.
  • The quality and integrity of the packaging. Do not take food in torn packs. Violation of sealing reduces the shelf life of granules several times.

Kirkland dry dog fooding for large dog breeds

Representatives of large breeds of dogs always have an enviable appetite. However, the metabolism does not proceed as quickly as that of small breeds. In order to prevent obesity, the owner must choose the appropriate nutrition for his dog. Focus on nutritional value, but at the same time the calorie content should not be very high.

A large dog, even if it is a service dog, still moves less than his small relative. Very often huge animals are used as guards and watchmen. They spend most of the time on a leash, not having the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle.

Of course, for a courtyard dog, rarely anyone will buy elite dry granules. In the best case, they will cook porridge, adding meat waste to it. However, those owners who prefer to have large pets in partners and contain them at home should take care of a well-balanced diet.


Each manufacturer has a separate line designed specifically for large breeds. When developing the composition, the physiological characteristics of animals, the ratio of proteins and fats were taken into account. Food for large breeds should contain nutrients that will ensure good joint operation, since they are on a large load.

c-racks for large dogs.

  1. Holistic “Acana Pappy Larj Brid”;
  2. Super Premium “Almo nature Holistic Edalta Dog Larj”;
  3. Super Premium “Belcando Junior Maxi”;
  4. The premium class of improved formula “” Royal Kanin Maxi Edalt 26 “.

These brands are the best suited for a good nutrition of a large dog.

The best ratio of price and quality

When buying, take into account that 10 kg of Kholistic feed will be spent much less than economy. In addition, in expensive products there are all the substances necessary for the pet. Therefore, it will live longer than if it eats a cheap product. Its health will be better, so you will save on treatment in the future.

If you cannot afford a holistic, buy dry premium dog food. Take the goods only in pet stores or vetaptes. They can provide optimal storage conditions, exclude the entry into the product of mold, harmful microbes.

The norm of daytime feeding puppies with Kirkland dry dog food (table in grams)

Breed (puppy weight) Age (month) Portion (gram)
Small dogs (up to 10 kg) 1. 5-2 48-60
3-4 55-90
5-7 40-80
8-10 35-80
11-12 35-80
Average (up to 25 kg) 1. 5-2 160-190
3-4 190-250
5-7 200-250
8-10 160-220
11-12 150-190
Large (up to 45 kg) 1. 5-2 250
3-4 310-370
5-7 380-500
8-10 380-400
11-12 290-360
Giant (over 45 kg) 1. 5-2 310-400
3-4 410-550
5-7 550-750
8-10 600-750
11-12 550-720

For each brand of Kirkland dog food (depending on the calorie content), there is a separate table of the portioned volume for a particular breed, a certain age and weight of the puppy. Usually, it is indicated on the back of the packaging. But dog breeders and breeders do not always agree with the feeding scheme, independently compose a diet based on the formulas. The calculation is considered correct: 20 grams for every kilogram of the mass of the pet.

puppy eats food < Span> 410-550

In addition to age and weight, physical activity affects the volume of portion. If the puppy trains 1-2 per day, actively walks and is constantly in motion, 10-20 grams of Kirkland dog food are added to the general mass. If the baby is inactive, then 15 grams are taken away.

work gastrointestinal tract