Acana vs Kirkland dog food reviewAcana vs Kirkland dog food review

Acana vs Kirkland dog food review

Acana dog and cat food manufacturers have proven that a product can be popular not only because of bright, attractive advertising, but rather because of the excellent composition, quality ingredients and a large number of positive reviews from grateful dog owners and veterinarians. A dog is not just a pet, but a friend, helper and even family member. It is not surprising that most people are especially careful when choosing a diet and are interested in various aspects – production features, composition, ratio of ingredients, etc. What is included in Acana dog food, and is it really a high-class product?

About the manufacturer


Acana is the brand name for pet nutrition by Canadian company Champion Petfoods. The manufacturer states that their product is biologically valid and contains fresh ingredients from Canada.

The principles of making diets are as follows:

  1. Feed is produced in only one production facility located on Canadian territory. Here, rations go through all stages of production and control – from the selection of raw materials to packaging.
  2. Only fresh, high-quality products are taken as raw materials. The composition does not contain cheap cereals, frozen semi-finished products and other things. Fish, meat and other ingredients are sourced from local farms and factories to ensure they are fresh on delivery.

Champion Petfoods exports its products to more than 5 dozen countries, and its products are in high demand around the world. Akan diets have many awards, of which the brand has accumulated quite a lot over a quarter of a century, and their number continues to increase.

Assortment of rations: Classic, Heritage, Reginals, Single, Reginals

The Acana brand produces 4 large lines of Kirkland dog food, each of which is focused on pets of different ages, sizes and health characteristics.

Acana Classic

In the composition of the “classic” diets, about half of the components is occupied by the meat part. In addition, they are rich in proteins, but there are very, very few carbohydrate ingredients in Classic feeds. Instead of cereals, manufacturers include chopped oats, which contain a sufficient amount of useful glucose.

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There are 2 diets in this line:

Prairie Poultry

  1. Prairie Poultry – suitable for feeding a dog of any breed and age, the main components are poultry meat, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Wild Coast is another universal diet, only in it the main part is not meat, but fish, in addition to which fruit and vegetable supplements are also included.

Acana Single

This is a series of diets with a hypoallergenic composition, which has a limited set of products. But at the same time, it fully provides the animal’s body with all biological substances and does not irritate the sensitive digestive tract of the animal.

The range includes the following diets:

Lamb & Okanaganapple

  • Duck & Bartlett Pear – half of the feed composition is fresh duck meat;
  • Lamb & OkanaganApple – lamb acts as the basis of the feed, in addition, the composition includes fruits, vegetables and useful phytocomponents;
  • Pork& ButternutSquash – the only source of proteins in this recipe is selected pork.

Acana Reginal

This is a range of grain-free Kirkland dog foods, including a number of high quality ingredients – meat, vegetables, fruits. They are low in carbs and high in protein. The line includes the following diets:


  • Grasslands – the meat part makes up 60% of the feed, the rest is a fruit and vegetable mixture with the addition of healthy herbs;
  • Pacifica – the basis of the diet is fish fillet (60% of the composition), the rest includes fruits, vegetables and phytocomponents;
  • Wild Prairie – the feed recipe provides for the presence of fresh meat products (60-75%), eggs, vegetables and fruits.

Acana Heritage

The largest group of Kirkland dog foods of this brand, which are united by a high protein content. Meat makes up 60-75% of meat, the rest is carbohydrates, but obtained from fruit and vegetable products, without the use of cereals.

Owners can choose the most suitable menu for their pet from this line:

  • Adult Large Breed – diets intended for feeding dogs belonging to large and giant breeds, whose weight exceeds 25 kg; the basis of the feed is chicken meat, fish fillets and eggs;
  • Adult Small Breed – the components are the same as in the previous diet, however, their ratio takes into account the needs of dogs of smaller breeds, whose weight does not exceed 9 kg;
  • Cobb Chicken & Greens – suitable for animals of various breeds, the basis of the recipe is meat – only fresh, pre-dehydrated products are taken;
  • Ligft & Fit is a high protein food designed for obese pets; 65% of the diet – meat components;
  • Puppy & Junior – таким рационом кормят щенков, относящихся к средним пороYesм, свыше 2