15 breeds of dogs who have honed their laziness to perfection15 breeds of dogs who have honed their laziness to perfection

15 breeds of dogs who have honed their laziness to perfection

Lazy dogs that do not feed with bread, but let me just sleep on the couch

Are you in search of a dog that prefers the lifers on the couch walks on a leash? Well, we have selected 16 dog breeds for you, which are lazy enough not to ask for walks, but prefer home comfort in the fresh air.

So, homebath-sobaki for homebodies-hosts! Laziness is their horse, but despite this, they are extremely sweet!

1. Shi-Tzu

This Chinese dog breed was bred by Tibetan monks as a gift to members of the royal family of China. Their goal was to decorate the knees of the mentioned members of the royal family. The average dog of this breed will be happy to just wander around the house and from time to time go out to go to the toilet.

2. Beijes

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Like Shi-Tzu, Beijes was bred like a room dog for royal families. With its compact, stocky body and a lovely wrinkled muzzle, Beijes is not very suitable for high-cost activity, and indeed for activity, for that matter.

Instead, Pekinges, as a rule, spends most of his time in a dream, and he needs no more than 20 minutes of physical activity every day (including a walk to celebrate the need).

3. Cavalier-king-chalz-spaniel

Another calm breed of dogs, bred to sit on the royal knees, is a cavalier-king-chalz-spaniel. He spends most of his time without any problems, simply lying idle and causing admiration from his owners, despite the fact that these spaniels go back to completely hunting breeds of dogs theoverdog. com.

4. Chihuahua

Speaking about the “lazy” breeds of dogs, it is worth mentioning Chihuahua, who most likely like to spend time at home (although there are tapes).

And the point is not that Chihuahua only wants to lie on a bedside rug or does not like to run-play. It’s just that Chihuahua is so tiny that they need to take at least 10 steps to match one human step. Where to get so much energy? !

5. Basset Hound

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Like the cavalier-king-chalz-spaniel, the Hound basket was brought out with an eye on royal hunting (in this case with the French royal persons). Squirrel, with large hanging ears, baskets are a talented trace. But his elongated chubby body and almost comic short legs interfere with running and even walking long distances.

And all this, as you already understood, makes the Hound Basset-Hound ideal for those who love the lazy breeds of dogs. At the same time, it is important to monitor the diet of baskets and provide daily physical exercises to prevent obesity and health problems associated with obesity, such as arthritis. Therefore, I want or not, but you need to walk the dog!

6. Borza

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Another hunting dog, known for its almost shocking level of laziness, is the greyhound. It seems amazing, but the breeders say a fact!

“Based on his thin, long-legged physique, most people believe that Greihund is not at all lazy,” the veterinarian of Perez-Camargo notes, but this is far from the truth. “No matter how athletic they look, adult greyhounds are homebody who can sleep until 18 hours a day. ”

Thus, although greyhounds can run at a speed of up to 70 kilometers per hour, do not count on them on long trips.

7. Chinese crested

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Like the greyhound, tiny, sinewy and exclusively vigilant Chinese crested also surprisingly lazy, despite its lead appearance. “The Chinese crested is incredibly mobile,” says Kate Hombri, head of the training department of Goodpup. “However, visibility with reality should not be confused. ”

“The Chinese crested is simply not motivated to go outside and run like other dogs with the same physique,” says Hembri. If this is what you are looking for, Chinese crested can be a suitable dog for you. In addition, it is one of the best breeds of dogs that do not melt (so much).

8. English bulldog

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“Bulldogs are known for two things – their sweet wrinkles and snoring,” said Sarah Ochoa veterinary medicine. Since they spend about 90 percent of their time on sleep, everyone around is clearly and for a long time they hear their bizarre snoring. Partly, the apparent laziness of the English bulldog can be explained by its fundamental physique, and partly with a flat nose and difficulty breathing because of this.

9. German dog

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The German dog is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. But it turns out that German dogs love to lie and just watch their people around them.

“The German dog is more like a nannka dog than a retriever or a game partner,” says Dr. Scott, adding that “due to their rapid growth and enormous sizes, excessive physical activity can cause problems with bones and joints. ”In other words, laziness is not just a lifestyle of the German dog, it is a matter of health and longevity!

10. Chau-Chau

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Another livestock guard Pyrenee

“Holders of pets who want to pour real plush bears should pay attention to Chau-Chau,” says the doctor-veterinarian Perez-Kamargo, who explains that because of their direct hind legs and unusually thick wool, fast movement can be for a quick movement forit is difficult. This is a typical “lazy” breed of dogs. By the way, Chau-Chau was originally brought out for the palace guard.

11. Bulmastif

This giant dog breed was bred for shepherdess, but do not let yourself be fooled: the specific work of Bulmastifa was not to walk around, the “mouth” of the herd entrusted to him, but rather to stand and observe wolves and other predators, Dr. Perez-Kamargo explains. As a result, it turned out that wandering and exploring the area is simply not spelled out in the DNA of this breed of dogs.

According to Dr. Scott, with its size and a tendency to mess around the whole day at home, Bulmastif is not just a homebody, but a homebody in a cube!

12. Japanese Khin

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Japanese Khin is equally dismissive both long and short walks. This is the dog that would like it, where it was standing, and even if you drag it along the asphalt – it will not get up and will not go.

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13. Senbernar

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When you imagine Senbernar, do you imagine this large burly dog standing on the chest in the snow?

But the fact is that these dogs do not have so much motivation to do something active (although they brought out the breed as special dogs). Yes, you could use your Senbernar as a guard dog, says Dr. Brooks, but you must proceed from the fact that if an attacker bursts into your house, your dog will let you know about this barking, and then go to bed again.

14. Pyrenee mountain dog


Another livestock guard, a Pyrenee mountain dog, was also bred to guard, but obviously not for active actions after the alarm has been raised.

“The Pyrenee mountain dog is an inactive breed. They are happy that they lie and observe, ”says Dr. Brooks. This is a good breed for the apartment, because, becoming adult dogs, they hardly move. If you are looking for protection for your home, you will probably be better with these guard dogs.

15. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is another giant dog that also loves to lie on a sofa (although excellent, active swimmers). But the point is not that Newfs are necessarily lazy, Dr. Wuten points out, “but that they are large and with long hair, which makes it difficult to regulate body temperature. Therefore, they get out of the situation, respectively. Another livestock guard, a Pyrenee mountain dog, at least was also bred to guard, but obviously not for active actions after the alarm has been raised.