What color is the aura in animalsWhat color is the aura in animals

What color is the aura in animals

The biofield surrounds all objects of the material world, because each of them consists of molecules, and those of atoms in which there are electromagnetic vibrations.

Learning about the peculiarities of the movement of particles of living matter, people began to wonder what color the aura of animals is and how the energy around the fauna functions. Some time ago, scientists recorded ultra-weak radiation from animal objects with ultraviolet radiation, which also changes from the emotions of the people present.

Animal biofield device

As you know, the human aura has as many as seven layers, each of which differs in features of structure and color. In addition to the dense physical body, animals have 3 more thin shells that coincide with the divisions of the biofield in humans:

  • The ethereal or vital body provides the link between energy, animal cells and the information field. Desires and feelings enter the body with the help of this medium. It is also the energy generator of the object itselfch a subtle body contains information about the state of the animal, about the health of its organs.
  • The astral body is distinguished by the height of vibrational frequencies and energych a layer penetrates beyond the physical shell, so it can be seen around the torso of animals. These are energy whirlwinds and flows associated with the emotional state, reflexes. This part of the aura is especially strongly activated during sleep.
  • The mental body refers to the realm of the mind, intellect, soul and thought. Vibrational currents of this type are very high and wide, they also change in connection with the emotional mood. Animals of a higher type have only the rudiments of this deep layer, since they do not have mental consciousness.

Many esotericists do not agree that representatives of the fauna may have higher and thinner energy shells. However, Eastern traditions recognize the existence of a soul in these creatures, as well as the presence of intellect and reason. Therefore, in the astral plane there is a separate world for dead animals. There is a version that these objects have the ability to be simultaneously in the future, and in the past, and in the present.

Adult animals, like people, have an energy system, so they also have a certain amount of chakras. The first center is likely to come down to the base of the tail. The second chakra is located in the pelvic region, and the third is in the center of the heart.

The fourth center has only some higher animals – cats, dogs, primates, dolphins – and it is concentrated in the area of the number.

The chakras of animals are small, but concentrated, when scanning the body with a palm, are defined as elastic columns.

There is a fauna in the world and the concept of karma, a certain share of the fatality of fate, especially in the wild. Each animal has a specific program of life, and it can be even unsuccessful. Therefore, many owners of pets, after their purchase, can adopt part of a negative life installation into their family. So the energy compatibility of people and animals is extremely significant.

The very aura of animals differs from human in size. It looks like an oval cocoon that envelops the creature from the nose (crown) to the tip of the tail. As for the astral body itself, it is more powerful and saturated in animals. Therefore, there are so many energy in the representatives of the fauna, and they are able to protect the weak: children, old people, sick.

They can also protect the owners from esoteric strokes, and some sorcerers use animals as a straight shield in black magic.

The opinion of psychics

Most esoterics agree that all living things have a certain field around themselves, which, however, can not always be called aura. This is less voluminous and expressive, but always a very diverse shell that helps pets interact with the world at the energy level.

It is necessary to consider the biofield of living beings in their state of peace and relaxation. Many beginner practices first see a homogeneous milk aura, but this is not the final color, so you need to continue to make efforts.

For effectiveness, it is also useful to change the angle of lighting and practice in the ability to focus on the membranes of the physical body. You can change the distance to the object of study, your position of the head and body.

Pets frequencies are very similar to human, so there is even a phenomenon of reading thoughts between pets and the master. Accordingly, the biofield in such creatures in color is similar to the aura of people.

Green leaves of plants, for example, always have orange energy of the initial levels, as well as a flickering smoky aura of the etheric body.

As for higher animals, orange and green shades are intertwined in their biofield. Esotericists also believe that changes in the degree of brightness and purity of the aura in some animals (horses, dogs, cats) can determine the future of both the creature itself and its environment.

Sick animals have a cloudy aura, with dirty stains. It can be gray, swampy and always unpleasant to the eye. It is also worth noting that individual colors in the biofield of the fauna are determined in the same way as in humans, by the nature of the creatures and their role. For example, cats that stand guard over peace and tranquility in the family have an aura in silver tones.

Wild animals have energies in conflict with human ones, but if the biofield matches as an exception, a representative of the fauna will never harm an individual. Like pets, creatures from the wild environment are able to absorb negative flows and process them, while protecting weak and defenseless relatives, neighbors, and people.

Interaction with other people's energy

Aura of cats

Cats are very energetic. Their aura affects the entire family of the owner and the territory that this animal considers its own.

Cats can conduct energy from space into the house, as well as transform flows.

The biofield of cats and cats is negative, so they can take on negative waves.


They are also able to heal people. These animals can mentally cope with the evil spirits in the room or adopt it and take it away from home. Cats easily drive away spirits and ghosts, but they can also be carriers of astral entities themselves. Instinctively, such animals are drawn to magicians and feel death very well.

  • Contrary to stupid superstitions, black cats do not conduct negative energy, they simply attract all the flows in a row from the external environment.
  • White animals are conductors of pure energies from the Universe, but they do not live long and are constantly sick.
  • And the most harmonious aura in cats and cats with a tricolor coat color, i. E. In white-red-black.

Energy of dogs

The aura of dogs is identified with the children's biofield, and their energy exchange with space is almost always equivalent. The mental sheath of these creatures is stronger than that of a cat, so dogs can transmit thoughts to their owners beyond their will.

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Such animals are afraid of evil spirits, but they protect their owner. Sometimes the spirit of the deceased can move into the dog. Furry pets are also able to warn of misfortune.

  • It is believed that an animal with white spots above the eyes can see astral entities.
  • Black dogs and creatures with multi-colored eyes most often conduct evil energy into the house. All pets of this type do not get along well with cats and cats due to different energy.

Fish and birds

Such pets bring pure energy from the bowels of the galaxy into a person's house. They have no contact with the evil forces of other worlds. The aura of these creatures is harmonious and calm, their energy pacifies the owner and restores the balance of power in him.

All pets read the aura of each other and the biofields of the people around them.

They carry out such clairvoyance at an automatic level and in a constant mode. Due to their connection with other worlds, pets easily overcome great distances, returning home. Also, beings react very actively to the nature of human energy, its color, because good is different from evil.

Do not forget that the individual himself transmits his aura to the environment, so the animal can adopt his biofield, along with the color. The closer the connection with the owner, the stronger the trace of his energy.

When a person finds out what color the aura of animals is, he understands that not only harm can come from the creatures around him, but also benefit. Pets can harmonize not only their biofield, but also the human one. From representatives of the fauna, you can get a huge boost of power, if you treat them as equals.

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