Protective collar for dogs to feed Kirkland dog foodProtective collar for dogs to feed Kirkland dog food

Protective collar for dogs to feed Kirkland dog food

Dogs take care of their body – comb out and lick contaminated places, lick the wounds. This behavior is dictated by instinct and does not create problems when the animal is healthy. But with some diseases, it is undesirable to scratch and pour affected places. It is impossible to explain this even smart and obedient pets. It is difficult to control them around the clock for several days or weeks, each time stopping unwanted actions. It is more convenient to put a collar on the dog – a simple protective structure in the form of a funnel, which is attached to the neck and does not allow licking the paws and torso, scratching your headch a collar is inexpensive, it does not cause strong discomfort to the dog and, with the right approach, it is easy to wear, especially if there is experience in wearing overalls on a walk. You can buy it in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores.


When to use a collar?

Veterinarians recommend using a protective structure on the neck:

  • In the postoperative period – the seams usually itch, but the less a rough dog tongue is in contact with them, the less the risk of infection, the discrepancy between seams and other complications;
  • When trauma of the limbs – a cone fixed on the neck, will not let the animal nibble gypsum, remove tires and dressings, lick the ointment;
  • Diseases of the ears and eyes – the funnel will limit access to them and protect from wind and dust on walks, reduce the risk of infection of the non-generated organ, if the inflammatory process in one eye;
  • Lichen, eczema and other skin diseases that cause severe itching – the collar will not allow them to comb, spreading the infection, licking the ointment;
  • Preventive treatment against fleas and ticks – the drugs used are toxic, and licked them can be poisoned and reduced the effectiveness of insecticidal substances.

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The choice of size

The sizes of protective collars are significantly different. The need to wear a funnel occurs in dogs of various breeds. The size and structure of the body is different. It is important to choose the right protective structure. The size of the product is selected in accordance with the girth of the neck. It is easy to measure it at home with a centimeter, and in a veterinary pharmacy or pet store the seller will select a convenient collar of the desired size.

For breeds with a long movable neck (collie, German shepherd, Dalmatians, dogs, spaniels, pinchers) choose high cones that completely close the nose. For a bulldog, boxer, pug, Senbernar and other short breeds, it is more convenient to use low funnels that minimally limit movements.

The choice of the height of the cone depends on the location of the problematic place on the body of the pet. The low, limiting mobility of the neck, the structure does not prevent your ears and eyes, but will not allow you to lick your back.

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Types of collars

In order for the cone to perform protective functions as efficiently as possible and create minimal inconvenience to the animal, you need to select it correctly: taking into account the indications, morphological features and size of the pet.

Sometimes you need to urgently provide first aid to the animal: apply ointment to the body, treat the wound and put on a protective collar. The latter should be in the home medicine cabinet for every owner of the dogs. You can purchase a protective accessory of the right size here:

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Manufacturers offer protective collars for the dog:

  • Elizabethan – plastic cones of different heights and size, inexpensive and hygienic, it is easy to wash, it is difficult to damage them, but in contact with obstacles they create noise;
  • Soft – consist of an elastic frame in the shape of a funnel covered with waterproof fabric, more expensive, but comfortable;
  • Inflatable – it looks not like a cone, but like an inflatable life circle, it is chosen, if both the neck of the pet and the legs are short;
  • Cervical corsets are elastic bandages made of polymer foam, which limit the mobility of the cervical spine.

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Animal collar after surgery

If the dog underwent surgery, there are seams on the body, a veterinary collar must be worn until they are completely healing. A large dog and a small dog need such protection. The owner must immediately prepare the cone to the animal’s neck. It is better to wear it while the pet is under the influence of anesthesia after surgery.

Doctors will tell you how to choose cones depending on the type of operation. In such a period, you need a high plastic cone, which will not allow combing sore spots with paws. When operations on the abdominal cavity, you can choose a soft or inflatable collar. It is more difficult to choose the right funnel if gypsum or bandage is imposed on the paws. Owners prefer to wear soft structures that limit the mobility of the cervical spine.

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How to wear a protective collar correctly?

New and not very comfortable clothing – a collar, usually causes negative emotions in dogs. The protest arises at the first attempt to dress him. And if the owner succeeded, the pet gets nervous, angry and tries to take it off. In order for the habituation to the protective structure to pass quickly and calmly, you need to properly introduce the animal to it. If you do not need to dress the animal urgently (after surgery, trauma, open wounds), then first just show a new thing, let it sniff. Then prepare for use (inflate, assemble, check the bindings, learn how they are fixed) and show the dog again. Try it on and make sure that the size and shape are chosen by you correctly, the design does not press, does not rub the skin. Try to distract the animal with delicious food, affection. If there are no restrictions on physical activity, play with him, let him run. Do not leave your pet unattended for several hours. Periodically, the funnel must be removed and controlled by the pet, preventing unwanted actions. Dress a friend for a short time the first time. Usually dogs quickly get used to the veterinary collar and come to terms with its presence.

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