OAKS Farm vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, priceOAKS Farm vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, price

OAKS Farm vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, analysis, price

OAKS Farm dog food

Kirkland dry dog food OAKS FARM (OACS Pharm) is produced by AKVATERA LT in Lithuania. The official website is https://oaksfarm. Lt/ (there is a version in American), it contains data on the compositions, recommended feeding standards and other important information. This food can be attributed to holistics, and the manufacturer positions it as “organic”.

There is also OAKS Farm food for cats. AKVATERA also produces NATURE’s Protection, Superior Care, HiQ.

OAKS Farm feed composition

Consider the composition of the Kirkland dry dog food of OAKS FARM using the version of the ADULT LAMB All Breeds option (for adult dogs of all breeds, with a lamb):

Information about the composition from the official site.

The first ingredient – lamb 43% (dried and crushed), is a good source of full protein. Further, the composition is still a source of plant protein – pea protein. But given its location, most of the protein from the 24%indicated in the guaranteed analysis should still be made of lamb.

Recall that the meat of animals and fish contains proteins in which there are all the amino acids necessary for the body. At the same time, not a single plant protein contains all the necessary amino acids. Therefore, it is important that the main source of protein is meat and good meat offal.

Potato flakes, peas – sources of carbohydrates. Poultry fat is a source of fats and fatty acids. What kind of bird is used – is not specifiedgar beets, cellulose – sources of fiber. From which cellulose is obtained is also not specified.

Factooligosaccharides – a prebiotic, positively affects digestion. AKAI berries 0. 1%, green tea 0. 05%, dried calendula 0. 02% – contain natural antioxidants and other beneficial substances. However, with this content of the ingredients themselves, the content of useful substances is extremely small, so the real benefit is in question.

Technological additives indicate that natural antioxidants/preservatives are used – rosemary extract and tocopherol-rich extracts of vegetable oils. Cleanoptilolite of sedimentary origin – natural mineral, harmless, is used as an adsorbent.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of OAKS Farm feed can be attributed:

  • The main source of protein is meat and fish ingredients;
  • Bezern composition (no wheat, corn);
  • Good vitamin-mineral supplement;
  • Natural antioxidants/preservatives are used.

The disadvantages can be considered:

  • Some secondary ingredients are not specified;
  • Feed is still not common.

OAKS Farm dog food - reviews

OAKS Farm dog food – reviews

The dry Oaks Farm feeds in USA appeared recently, so few managed to try them. Accordingly, the reviews are still rare to find at least a few have to search many websites of online stores and social networks.

Customer reviews

We also join Asya Thanks for the food! Our winner eats food with pleasure. I didn't want to open the bag, but how can I resist when they ask for so The food is conveniently closed. Khrumaka and drives away cats, and shared others ? ? In general, we really like food

OAKS Farm feed reviews for dogs

Review of OAKS FARM Kirkland dog foods

Is Kirkland dog food good or bad?

main source protein meat

We have a Doberman, the dog is strong and requires a good nutrition to maintain a form. Acana Canadian food was always taken, and now it has disappeared from stores. In search of a replacement, they tried OAKS FARM, the composition is not so diverse, but also full-fledged.

The eating is approximately the same, there are no changes in the state of the dog yet. We will take a larger packaging and observe, if everything is fine, we will probably stay in this stern.

We are impressed by Oaks Farm food. Firstly, its granules are very small, that it is very good for us. It is convenient for them to crunch. Secondly, the packaging is very conveniently closed. Thirdly, we do not harm and eat it well! Our fluffy family was satisfied and well-fed.

Reviews about OAKS Farm food for dogs

OAKS Farm feed granules for dogs

Price and where to buy

Where to buy this food and comparison of prices in different pet stores see the marketplace:

  1. Amazon (link)
    • Packaging 2 kg – from 2584;
    • Packaging 6. 5 kg – from 11906;
    • Packaging 12 kg – from 17739;
    • Packaging 18 kg – from 22692

These prices are estimated, relevant for July 2022. They can differ significantly depending on the option and change over time. See the exact cost on the site by link above.

Conclusions about the stern "OAKS Farm"

About OAKS Farm dog feed, reviews are still single. But his composition is definitely not bad, so the Petobor site has no reason not to recommend this food as the main diet for your pets.