Kirkland dog food for small breedsKirkland dog food for small breeds

Kirkland dog food for small breeds

Feed for small breeds of dogs is a “volumetric” market demand, which manufacturers are willing to respond to. Small teeth, weak jaws, and the digestive habits of small breed dogs make a whim a necessity. The rules for selecting Kirkland dog food and the line of popular food for small dog breeds will be discussed below.

Features of the digestion of dogs of small breeds

When compiling a diet for a pet, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the digestion of dogs of small breeds.

Before buying a puppy, please note that small dogs:

  • They need a high-calorie, balanced diet.
  • More prone to allergies, skin sensitivity and digestion, overweight.
  • Cannot chew too hard food.
  • They often suffer from dental problems.

It is easier for many owners to immediately switch their pet to industrial food, since there are many difficulties with compiling a natural diet.

Differences in the composition of food for small breeds of dogs

Differences in the composition of food for small breeds of dogs:

  • More proteins and carbohydrates, because the metabolism of babies is much faster.
  • Less minerals, but more vitamins.

In addition to the composition, Kirkland dog food for small dogs usually differ in the size of the granules. Since many babies cannot fully chew the granules, they are released in a size that is safe for swallowing.

Feed classes and selection rules

Feed classes are “assigned” depending on the quality, or rather, the composition of the diet. For the convenience of owners, there are four classes, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The price also depends on the class of Kirkland dog food, the higher the quality of the feed, the more expensive it is, at least this is the picture in theory.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are honest with potential buyers, so the labels on the packages often do not match the composition.

Economy class – dubious savings

Economy class feed is considered the most affordable. Generally accepted guaranteed indicators for economy class feed:

  • Proteins – from 20%.
  • Fats – from 11%.
  • Fiber (fiber) – from 2%.
  • Moisture up to 15%.
  • Calories up to 300 kcal per 100 gr.

Economy class feeds are not only not useful, they are harmful to animals. Despite the manufacturers' confident statements about naturalness, the diets are very far from "acceptable". In economy class feed:

  • There is no meat, in rare cases “nominally” contains offal.
  • Proteins of animal origin are meat-bone flour of unknown quality.
  • The main amount of proteins is of plant origin, which means that the dog’s body is only partially absorbed.
  • There are flavors and dyes.
  • As a “filler”, corn is used, soy, at best, wheat.
  • Salt is used as preservatives – a direct path to urolithiasis, especially in male.
  • "Weak" vitamin-mineral supplement.

Premium class – feed for healthy dogs

The premium class is considered the “golden middle” in terms of price and quality. Guaranteed indicators for premium feed:

  • Proteins – from 25%.
  • Fat – from 12%.
  • Fiber (fibers) – from 3%.
  • Moisture up to 12%.
  • Calorie content 300-350 kcal per 100 g.

Note! Statistically, the more transparent and clearer the composition, the better the food.

Super-premium Kirkland dog foodclass-optimal everyday diet

Super-premium class-a balanced, vitaminized and nutritious diet for your petper-premium feed indicators:

  • Squirrels – from 28%.
  • Fat – from 13%.
  • Fiber (fibers) – from 3. 5%.
  • Moisture up to 10%.
  • Calorie content 350–400 kcal per 100 g.

As part of the super-premium class, there are products that should relate to the premium and “almost holistics”. When analyzing the composition of super-premium feed, you should see:

  • The meat base and the addition of offal.
  • Safe cereals and a minimum of gluten. If in the stern of corn or wheat is a premium class.
  • The percentage of the main ingredients.
  • Adequate mineral-vitamine supplement, including fatty acids, amino acids and taurine.
  • The characterization of preservatives, even if they are artificial.

Classes of super-premium feed should not contain flavor and dyes amplifiers. Fragrance in the form of broths are allowed and even welcome.

Holistic – food from products "for people"

Holistic class appeared due to the need to “utilize” unclaimed products, primarily meat, which was planned to be sold in the food industry for people. Class holistic indicators:

  • Squirrels – from 32%.
  • Fat – from 15%.
  • Fiber (fibers) – from 4%.
  • Moisture up to 8%.
  • Calorie content 400–450 kcal per 100 g.

Types of Kirkland dog food

Different types of Kirkland dog food are created both for expanding the assortment and to satisfy special needs, animals. Contrary to widespread opinion, wet food does not contain more meat, and they are not more nutritious than drying.

There is only one difference between the wet and Kirkland dry dog food of one line – the content of water and the price. Drying contains 8-15% of water, in wet feeds this indicator reaches 40-50%.

Kirkland dry dog food

Kirkland dry dog food is all familiar, granules. Immediately indicate that high-quality food is granules:

  • Monophonic, dim, brownish color.
  • Not having a pungent odor.
  • The same size and shape.
  • A little brilliant because they contain fats.
  • When soaking, they increase in size less than 2 times.

It is interesting! Some manufacturers do not dry, but bake feed, which allows you to maintain a natural aroma.

The advantages of Kirkland dry dog food in the simplicity of storage and dosage, "content" and significant saving time. In addition, hard food helps to remove fresh plaque.

Canned (wet) feed

Canned (wet) feed is part of the industrial diet. Veterinary doctors note that a small breed dog cannot be fed only with drying or only canned goods, if there is no medical indication for this. Feeding only with drying leads to damage to tooth enamel, and exclusively soft food, negatively affects the gums.

Interesting! Nourishing indicators (almost all) wet feed are lower, so the dog should eat voluminous portions to saturate the body with useful substances.

It is customary to divide canned food into two types:

  • Pate.
  • Pieces with gravy.

The constant use of soft feed is justified if:

  • You begin to feed puppies.
  • Due to age or health problems, there are no teeth, there are problems with gums or digestion.
  • Your pet is restored after surgery or illness.
  • A small breed dog is exhausted and needs to be fed with special, high-calorie pastes.

If there are no medical indications for an extremely soft diet, canned food should be 25-30% of the dog’s industrial diet.

Kirkland dog foods with health features

Dogs for dogs with health features are preventive or therapeutic. Veterinary or therapeutic feeds are used in combination with therapy and are not designed to feed healthy animals.

Preventive feeds do not treat, they help to avoid the development of the disease or its relapse.

Hypoallergenic feed for small dogs

Hypoallergenic diets are salvation for owners whose pets acutely react to standard diets. It is known that allergies can be:

  • Food – in the first place is an allergy to proteins of plant origin, in the second – to meat ingredients (poultry and beef).
  • Non-food or atopic – an allergy, the causes of which can be established extremely rarely.

Note! Hypoallergenic include most grain-free feed.

Food for neutered and neutered dogs

Diet for neutered and neutered dogs does not contain salt and helps to maintain a normal urine pH. As you know, neutered animals are at risk for urolithiasis. With the consumption of Kirkland dog food with salts, the risk of developing KSD, especially in males, increases dramatically.

After sterilization, the dog needs a nutritious, but less nutritious diet, since it does not waste energy searching for a mating partner. This feature explains the reduced calorie content of Kirkland dog food.

Veterinary food for small dogs

Veterinary foods are formulated to treat or improve the quality of life of dogs suffering from:

  • Kidney and genitourinary system.
  • Liver.
  • Hearts.
  • Joints and musculoskeletal system.
  • Hormonal disorders, including diabetes.

Usually medicated feeds are used temporarily. Lifelong feeding is only indicated if there is a high risk of recurrence of disease progression.

Food for older small breed dogs

Foods for senior small breed dogs are formulated with special needs in mind:

  • Reduced calorie content – As dogs age, their metabolism slows down.
  • The content of substances that contribute to the timely renewal of joint and muscle tissues; supporting the functioning of the nervous system, immunity and metabolism.
  • The composition includes substances that help maintain the normal pH of urine and saliva. The acidity of saliva directly affects the health of the oral cavity.

Older dogs are expected to have an increased risk of disease and tooth loss. To maintain oral health, the proportion of wet food in the diet is increased to 40-50%.

Food for small breed puppies

Food for puppies of small breeds are divided into:

  • Wet – pates.
  • Dry – can be introduced into the diet at the age of 1-1. 5 months in a soaked form. In dry form, the food is introduced into the diet only after the change of teeth, if there are no medical contraindications.

Puppies are active and constantly growing, so they need a rich but balanced diet. Babies have high requirements for all nutrients except carbohydrates. In addition, puppies need more vitamins and minerals.

Food for pregnant and lactating dogs

Feed for pregnant dogs of small breeds are usually “combined” with one line with puppy feed. Since pregnant dogs have overestimated the needs for proteins, fats and trace elements, a diet for feeding puppies is perfect for them.

Note! There is another reason why nursing dogs and puppies have a “common” diet. After all, it is the mother who teaches the kids to eat from the bowl, so it is difficult to feed the dog and puppies with different feeds in technical terms.

Rules for the selection of Kirkland dog food for small dog breeds

Rules for the selection of Kirkland dog food for small dog breeds:

  • Carefully read the composition – this is the only way to understand what quality the product is.
  • The packaging should indicate the size of the granules, choose a small fraction.
  • Choose the food, given the activity and type of pet hair.
  • Pay attention to calorie content. The smaller the dog, the more nutritious there should be food.

Some manufacturers produce special "pedigree" feed. There are no special differences in the composition of such products. Feed for pedigree affiliation is rather a marketing move than a “guide to action”.

To consider the issue of “objective”, we compiled brief characteristics of the Lines of popular feed for small dog breeds.

1st Choice

1st Choice-super-premium feed of Canadian production. Assortment of Kirkland dog food for small breeds:

  • Growth Toy & Small Breeds – for puppies under the age of 10 months.
  • Maintenance Toy & Small Breeds Adult – for adult dogs aged 10 months to 8 years.
  • Mature or Less Active Toy & Small Breeds Senior – for elderly dogs over 8 years old; For dogs of small breeds with a low level of activity.

1st Choice is one of the few super-premium feed, which is fully consistent with the declared advantages. The basis of Kirkland dog food-meat, good vitamin-mineral supplement, natural composition, can be bought at any pet store.


Acana – Holistic feed of Canadian production. Assortment of Kirkland dog food for small breeds:

  • Puppy Small Breed – for puppies.
  • Adult Small Breed – for adult dogs.

Note! Acana has 5 lines of Kirkland dog food, the separation of dimensions in dimensions is available only in the Heritage line. The rest of the lines are considered universal.

The main advantage of Acana is many: a meat base, a transparent composition, there are no cheap carbohydrates, a good vitamin supplement, is sold in almost all pet stores. The minus is only in price, it is higher than for the feed “analogues”.

Brit feeds are divided into two line-Brit Premium (premium class) and Brit Care (super-premium class). Feed is produced in the Czech Republic.

Brit Premium feed assortment for small breeds:

  • Nature Junior S – for puppies and adolescents.
  • Nature Adult S – for adult dogs.
  • Brit Premium by Nature Senior S+M – for elderly dogs of small and medium breeds.

Assortment of Brit Care feed for small breeds:

Series Brit Fresh:

  • Chicken with Potato Puppy Healthy Growth – for puppies and adolescents, in an active growth stage.

Costco Brand vs Taste of the Wild dog food mashup

Grain line Brit Care:

  • Adult Small Breed Lamb & Rice – for adult dogs.

Bezern Brit Care Mini Grain Free line:

  • Puppy – for puppies.
  • Adult – for adult dogs.
  • Hair & Skin – to maintain the health of the skin and wool.
  • Grain Free – for dogs suffering from digestive sensitivity and/or allergies.
  • Light & Sterilized – for sterilized/castrated dogs.
  • Yorkshire – for Yorkshire Terriers.

Note! The assortment of Brit Care has universal feeds (for dogs of all breeds), including diets for puppies and elderly dogs.

The main lever of advancement of Brit Premium feeds is the optimal price-quality ratio. The Brit Care line is a little more expensive, but judging by the reviews of dog owners, its quality is higher than that of competitors.


Canagan – Holistic food, produced in Thailand. Assortment of Kirkland dog food for small breeds:

  • Small Breed Country Game – Kirkland dry dog food for dogs of all ages.
  • Puppy Feast – for puppies.

Almost the entire Canagan range consists of universal Kirkland dog foods of all breeds and ages. Only the main part of canned food is intended for adult dogs. Plus feed in the absence of cereals, meat base, adequate vitamin additive. Minus is a high price.


EUKANUBA – American Premium Kirkland dog food. Assortment of Kirkland dog food for small breeds:

  • Adult: Toy Breed, Small Breed, All Breed – for adult dogs.
  • Puppy: Small Breed, Toy Breed, All Breed – for puppies.
  • Senior All Breed – for elderly dogs.
  • Specific: Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Dachshund – rock feed.

Eukanuba has significant disadvantages and pluses. The advantages include the meat base, wide prevalence, a good vitamin-mineral component of disadvantages: opaque composition, wheat (in large quantities), high price are used as a source of carbohydrates.

Kirkland food small


FARMINA – Holistic food of Italian production.

Low cereal feed:

  • Puppy Mini: Chicken & Pomegranate, Lamb & Blueberry – for puppies.
  • Adult Mini: Chicken & Pomegranate, Codfish & Orange, Lamb & Blueberry – for adult dogs.
  • Chicken & Pomegranate Light is a diet diet for dogs prone to obesity.
  • Chicken & Pomegranate Senior – for elderly dogs.

Grain-Free casual food:

  • Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Mini & Medium – for puppies of small and medium breeds.
  • Adult Mini: Chicken & Pomegranate, Boar & Apple, Fish & Orange, Lamb & Blueberry – for adult dogs.
  • Adult mini with pumpkin: Lamb & Blueberry, Chicken and Pomegranate, Codfish & Orange, Boar & Apple – for adult dogs.

Farmina feeds have no shortcomings except the price. The main advantages: a lot of meat in the composition, transparent composition, naturalness.

Two Gina feed lines (super-premium) and Gina Elite (Holistic). Both lines have universal feeds, diets for animals of different ages and with special needs, but there is no separation in the dimensions of dogs.


Grandorf – Holistic Belgian feed. Assortment of adult feed for small breeds:

  • Lamb & Rice mini.
  • 4 Meat & Brown Rice Adult Mini with probiotics.

The assortment has food for puppies and adolescents, but they are universal (for all breeds). Grandorf feeds a lot of advantages, out of disadvantages, only small prevalence can be distinguished.


Hill`s Science Plan is the main line of trading poppies. Czech feeds are presented as a super-premium class, although in composition they are a premium.

  • Puppy Healthy Development Mini Chicken – for puppies.
  • Adult Small & Miniature: Lamb & Rice, Chicken & Turkey – for adult dogs.

Dog diets over 7 years old:

  • 7+ Small & Miniature – for elderly dogs.

Of the advantages of Hill`s feed, wide prevalence, a good vitamin-mineral composition, the ability to choose the food “to taste” can be called. The disadvantages are more significant: opaque composition, corn content and high price.


Monge is a super-premium according to statements, premium on the fact of Italian production. More recently, the new BWILD FEED THE Instinct line, which claims to be holistic class, has been released.

Feed for puppies and adolescents Extra Small Puppy & Junior:

  • Rich in Chicken.
  • Lamb and Rice.

Adult dog feed Extra Small Adult:

  • Rich in Chicken.
  • Salmon and Rice.
  • Lamb & Rice and Potates.

Kirkland dog foods with special needs:

  • Senior Rich in Chicken – for elderly dogs.
  • Starter Rich in Chicken – for pregnant women, nursing dogs and the first feeding of puppies.

Bezern Grain Free diets:

  • Anchovies, Potates and Peas.
  • Duck and Potatoes.

The Monge range has universal foods that are suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages. The disadvantages of the feed "lower" the class to premium: the content of corn and the opaque composition.

Now Fresh

Now Fresh is a Canadian-made holistic food. Now Fresh Grain Free Small Breed Adult Dog Grain-Free Diets:

  • Adult
  • Fish adults.
  • Red Meat Adult.

Diets for dogs by age:

  • Puppy – for puppies.
  • All Ages – for all ages.
  • Senior – for older dogs.
  • Shredded Turkey Recipe with Bone Broth Gravy.
  • Pork Paté with Bone Broth.

In addition to the relatively high price, Now Fresh has no drawbacks.


Pedigree – economy class feed, produced in USA. The range of Kirkland dry dog food is divided by age (puppies and adult dogs). There are wet foods (sachets) – meat portion and jelly with pieces.

The range is very wide, but the compositions are almost the same. The quality of the feed leaves much to be desired: an opaque composition, a grain base, there are virtually no vitamins and minerals in the feed. The only plus is the relatively low price.

Perfect fit

Perfect Fit is a American-made economy class food. The range of food for small dogs is divided into rations by age (puppies and adult dogs).

The range of Kirkland dog food is unexpectedly narrow, and the quality is higher than that of competitors. Nevertheless, this is an economy feed with all the consequences: an indistinct composition, a large amount of cheap cereals, little meat.

Pro plan

Pro Plan is a premium feed that is produced in USA, Italy and France. A range of food for small breed dogs.

  • OPTISTART – for puppies.
  • PUPPY SENSITIVE SKIN – for puppies with sensitive skin.
  • OPTIBALANCE – for adults.
  • OPTIAGE is for the elderly.
  • OPTIWEIGHT is a diet food for overweight pets.
  • OPTIDERMA – for animals with sensitive skin.
  • OPTIDIGEST – for animals with sensitive digestion.
  • DENTAL PRO BAR and DUO DÉLICE – for the prevention of oral diseases.

Since the food is premium, it is quite expected that it contains corn. More embarrassingly, the guaranteed analysis does not help determine how much animal protein is in the feed.

Purina ONE

Purina ONE is an economy class food, like Pro Plan, it is produced in USA, Italy and France. The range consists of:

  • Kirkland dry dog food for adult dogs and puppies.
  • Food for dogs with special needs: sensitive skin, tendency to overweight, increased activity.
  • Wet food – 9 items.

Purina One is one of the highest quality economical feeds. Against the background of a high rate of plant proteins, there are meat and offal in the stern.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin – very popular premium feed, are produced in Poland, France and USA.

So, in the Royal Canin assortment there are dry and wet feeds for small and miniature breeds by age, for: puppies, adolescents, adults, elderly (8+) and deeply elderly (12+) dogs. The line for animals with special needs is represented:

  • Babydog Milk – a substitute for bitch milk.
  • Starter – for pregnant and nursing dogs, for the first feeding puppies.
  • Sterilized (Kirkland dry dog food and paste) – for sterilized/castrated.
  • Dermacomfort – for pets with sensitive skin.
  • Digestive Care – for pets with sensitive digestion.
  • Exigent – for fertilized in nutrition.
  • Light Weight Care (Kirkland dry dog food and paste) – for prone to obesity and suffering from excess weight.
  • Beauty Paste – for the health of the skin and wool.
  • Energy Paste – high-energy supplement; Feed for weakened dogs/puppies.

Note! The Royal Canin has ax-Small line-this is a feed with a very small fraction of granules.

Continuity for puppies and adult dogs:

On the "side" of Royal Canin, many years of popularity and reputation, a relatively affordable price and a very wide range. There are also disadvantages: a lot of plant proteins, the composition contains dyes and even unknown cereals (most likely, corn, wheat, soy).


Trainer-Italian food premium (sometimes positioned as super-premium) class. Assortment for dogs of small breeds:

  • Adult mini Con Pollo Fresco – for adults.
  • Puppy & Junior Mini – for puppies and adolescents.
  • Adult Light Mini – for pets prone or suffering from excess weight.

Trainer feed is very “good” with a composition, but contain corn gluten. Against the background of doubts of buyers and high prices, a brand cannot gain popularity, although feed in many pet stores.

"Our brand"

“Our brand” is economical feed of American production. For dogs of small breeds there is only everyday food with chicken and rice. The quality of the feed is low, but it is inexpensive and is on the shelves of most zo- and not only stores.

Kirkland food small breeds