Kirkland dog food diet for dogs with kidney diseasesKirkland dog food diet for dogs with kidney diseases

Kirkland dog food diet for dogs with kidney diseases

Diet diet for dogs with kidney diseases Instructions for use

A dietary diet for dog diseases for specialists is based on the officially approved instructions for the use of the product and approved by the manufacturer for the electronic publication of the Vidal Veterinar 2021

The owner of the registration certificate: Hill's Pet Nutrition Manoufacturing, S. R. O. (Czech Republic)


Release form, composition and packaging

Dry diet ingredients: cereals, oils and fats, vegetable derivatives, egg and its derivatives, plant protein extracts, meat and animal derivatives, minerals, seeds. Sources of protein: dry whole egg, pea protein.

Nutrients: protein 13. 7%, fat 19. 2%, fiber 3. 3%, irreplaceable fatty acids 4. 5%, omega-3 fatty acids 1. 0%, ash 4. 2%, calcium 0. 57%, phosphorus 0. 22%, sodium 0. 17%, potassium 0. 69%, magnesium, magnesium, magnesium, magnes0. 10%; on kg: vitamin A 10900 me, vitamin D3800 me, vitamin E 575 mg, vitamin C 90 mg, beta-carotene 1. 5 mg,l-carnitine 531 mg.

Additives for kg: iron 82. 7 mg, iodine 1. 3 mg, copper 8. 2 mg, manganese 8. 6 mg, zinc 171. 0 mg, selenium 0. 2 mg; With a natural antioxidant.

Energy value: 390 kcal/100 g or 426 kcal/100 g of dry matter.

The diet is presented in dry and wet form, with an original taste. As well as stew with chicken and vegetables.

Packaged in packages of 2 and 12 kg; Banks of 370 g, stew in banks 354 g.

Pharmacological (biological) properties and effects

A full-fledged dietary diet to maintain kidney function in chronic or acute renal failure in adult dogs.

Hill's Presscription Diet K/D for dogs – a diet with a low phosphorus content and a reduced level of protein of high biological value. Reduced phosphorus content helps to slow down the development of kidney disease. High quality proteins in reduced content help to reduce the accumulation of toxic protein metabolism products, allowing you to satisfy the body's need for proteins. The increased content of non-oral calories allows us to provide energy and does not allow protein catabolism. The amino acid profile is at least 130% of the level recommended by Fediaf, the high content ofl-carnitine naturally contributes to the constant increase in muscle tissue in the dog. An increased buffer capacity prevents the development of metabolic acidosis. Omega-3 fatty acids improve renal blood flow. The reduced content of sodium helps to slow down the development of kidney disease and reduces water retention in the body in the early stages of the heart disease. Soluble fiber reduces ammonium reabsorption in the intestines, helps reduce the concentration of urea in the blood. The increased level of group B vitamins fills in vitamin data loss at polyuria. The complex of antioxidants with a clinically confirmed effect neutralizes free radicals, supporting the function of the kidneys.

It is clinically proven that the K/D dietary diet for dogs helps to improve quality and increase the life expectancy of the animal.

Diets For Pets With Kidney Disease

K/D dietary diet for dogs is recommended:

  • In chronic kidney diseases (all stages according to IRIS);
  • In renal forms of leishmaniosis;
  • In diseases of the heart in the early stages.

It is not recommended to use a dietary diet:

  • Puppies;
  • Pregnant and lactating dogs;
  • Dogs with hyperlipidemia or pancreatitis (a history of pancreatitis and/or in case of risk of pancreatitis).

Other recommended diets:

  • For dogs with a pronounced chronic kidney disease (stage 4 according to IRIS) – Hill's Presscription Diet U/D for dogs;
  • For dogs with chronic renal failure and osteoarthritis: Hill's Prescription Diet K/D + Mobility for dogs.

Procedure for application

Dietary diet should be used on the recommendation of a veterinarian.

The indicated values are indicative, since the food needs of dogs differ. The feeding rate must be adjusted to maintain optimal weight.

Ideal body weight (kg) Dry diet (d)
2. 5 55
5 95
10 160
20 270
30 370
40 455
50 540
60+ 10/kg

Recommendations for mixed feeding:

Ideal body weight (kg) Banks 370 g Dry diet, g
2. 5 1/2 + 5
5 1/2 + 40
10 1 + 55
20 1 + 165
30 2 + 150
40 2 + 240
50 2 + 325
60+ 2 + 7/kg

The duration of diet therapy is determined by a veterinarian in accordance with the health status of a pet.

Storage conditions Diet for dogs with kidney diseases

A dry diet should be stored in a dry place (relative humidity not more than 70%) at a temperature of 0 ° C to 25 ° C.

Shelf life diet for dogs with kidney diseases

The shelf life is 18 months. After opening the packaging, the product must be stored in a tightly closed no more than 3 months.

The product in banks should be stored at a temperature of 5 ° C to 45 ° C. The shelf life is 24 months. After opening the packaging, the product must be stored tightly closed in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours.

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