Holistics Kirkland dog food: a list of feed and their characteristicHolistics Kirkland dog food: a list of feed and their characteristic

Holistics Kirkland dog food: a list of feed and their characteristic

Class feeds of holistic for dogs are considered the best, high-quality and useful. However, few can clearly name the advantages of Kholistic class feed. In most cases, positive or negative qualities are clarified, when studying the composition of Kirkland dog food. The list of Kirkland dog foods of the Holistic class and their characteristics will be considered below.

Benefits of Class Feed Holistic for Dogs

To begin with, let's figure out what the advantages of the Kholistic class feed are. Traditionally, holistics are called the feed of the so-called Human Grade. Terminology suggests that feed is made from products that are not inferior to the quality of products produced for people.

Advantages of Kirkland dog food of class Holistic:

  • The quality and freshness of raw materials.
  • Lack of preservatives.
  • Rich taste.
  • In Bezerny diets – increased meat content.

When choosing a class of class holistics, you need to take into account possible disadvantages. The first, obvious minus is the price. A natural diet will cost several times cheaper. The second minus is the difficulties with acquisition, the feed of holistics is rarely sold in stationary stores.

Each owner, as a final consumer, when choosing a feed for a pet, should pay attention to his composition and understandability. The composition of the feed should be clearly indicated by the ingredients and their percentage.

Class feed composition holistic for dogs

Holistic feed should meet the following requirements:

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List

• made only from fresh meat and/or fish. • Lack of dyes, preservatives, GMOs and other undesirable additives. • Using whole cereals of confirmed quality.

The composition of the class of class holistic varies greatly depending on the brands.

Most feed have the following composition:

  • Meat – chicken, turkey, lamb.
  • In high-quality lines – meat of wild animals, piglets, calves.
  • Fish of oceanic varieties.
  • Cereals – white and brown rice, buckwheat, barley.
  • Vegetables, fruits, herbs.
  • Sources of fatty acids.
  • Vitamin and mineral additives of natural origin.

Many owners and even veterinary doctors confuse the concept of a holistic feed and bezern feed. Holistic can contain cereals, usually rice and barley.

Remember! Holistic feeding does not guarantee the lack of allergies or other individual reactions.

If your pet is an allergic and you decided to transfer it to a holistic food for this reason, then it is wiser to choose a bearing diet. As sources of carbohydrates in feeds without cereals, vegetables are used. Naturally, food in which there are no cereals contain more meat. Since, in most cases, dogs are allergic to vegetable proteins, a Bezernian diet is an excellent alternative.

List of Kirkland dog foods of class holistic

To date, there is a fairly extensive list of Kirkland dog foods of the Holistic class, which have a very good reputation. Unfortunately, there are not as many user information about feeding Holistic classes as the products of super-premium, but this is explainably high price.

Holistic food has no strict restrictions, but differ in age recommendations.

Go! Natural

Go! Natural is a relatively new holistic food with a relatively narrow assortment ruler. The trademark offers ruler:

  • Daily Defense – for puppies and adult dogs.
  • FIT + FREE – a Bezern Diet on 4 types of meat.
  • Sensitivity + Shine – for dogs with sensitive digestion.

Consider the composition and guaranteed GO! Natural on the example of everyday feed Fit + Free.


  • Dehydrated chicken meat is the optimal source of protein for everyday feed.
  • Chicken fillet, turkey, trout, salmon, herring (dehydrated) – meat mix that improves the quality of taste and food value.
  • Chicken fat – source of vitamin E.
  • Chicken broth is a flavor.
  • Whole dried eggs are a source of protein, important fats and vitamins.
  • Sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, tapioka, dehydrated chickpeas (a variety of peas) – sources of carbohydrates.
  • Salmon oil, duck fillets, rapeseed oil, coconut oil (vitamin e source), flax seeds – sources of fat and essential amino acids.
  • Apples, alfalfa, pumpkin, carrots, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, broccoli, spinach, taurin, dried rosemary, green tea extract, mint, parsley, rosehip fruits, cedaria, dandelion, chamomile, ginger, fennel, turmeric, berries of juniper, lacurica berries, velvet extract, cardamom, carnation – sources of hard fibers and vitamins.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Squirrels – from 35. 6% – excellent.
  • Fat – from 16. 6% – excellent.
  • Fiber (fibers) – from 2. 8% – satisfactory.
  • Moisture – up to 8% – excellent.
  • Calorie content – 410 kcal/100 g – excellent.

GO products! Natural is divided into two rulers: without grain and with solid grain.

Now Fresh

The same manufacturer (Petcurean) produces another High-quality Kirkland dog food of the class of class – Now Fresh. The assortment is also not wide, divided by age and dimensions:

  • For puppies.
  • For adult dogs.
  • For elderly dogs.
  • For little dogs.
  • For large dogs.

Consider the composition on the example of everyday feed Fresh Adult Recipe Grain Free:

  • Indian fillet, fresh salmon, duck fillet.
  • Whole dried eggs are a source of protein, important fats and vitamins.
  • Pressed cottage cheese is a source of probiotics and lactobacilli.
  • Potato flour, peas – sources of carbohydrates.
  • Apples, pea fiber, tomato, flax seeds, rapeseed oil, dried alfalfa, coconut oil, lucarda racers, dried algae, carrots, pumpkin, bananas, cranberries, raspberry, papaya, pineapple, grapefruit, lentils, broccoli, spinach – natural sources of vitaminsAnd rude fibers.
  • Vitamin and mineral additives.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Squirrels – from 26% – satisfactory.
  • Fat – from 16% – excellent.
  • Fiber – from 3. 5% – good.
  • Humidity – up to 10% – good.
  • Calorie content – 359. 8 kcal/100 g – good.

NOW Fresh feed does not contain GMOs, hormones, dyes or offal, grain (trunk diet).


Dog owners call ARTEMIS “six-star” food. Many believe that this is due to a common scales of assessment from 1 to 5 stars. In fact, ARTEMIS food is estimated at 6 stars according to European standards. To make it clearer, an assessment of 6 stars has a more common Acana food. Artemis is difficult to buy, but the owners who have not regretted the time and money speak very well about the stern.

Consider the composition and guaranteed indicators on the example of food food for small dogs of all ages – Fresh Mix Small Breed Dog All Life Stages.


  • Chicken and chicken flour are a protein base.
  • Egg powder is a source of protein and valuable fats.
  • Brown rice, peas, pea flour.
  • Chicken fat with tocopherols is fat, this is a source of fat amino acids, but what kind of tocopherols are used is not indicated and this is not very good.
  • Pea protein is an additional source of protein.
  • Tomatoes, dried chicory root, dried algae, carrots, apples, blueberries, spinach, cranberries, rosemary extract, parsley, green tea extract, barley grass, linen seed, millet.
  • Duck, salmon, salmon oil – a source of animal fats.
  • The basic complex of vitamins and trace elements.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein – from 28% – good.
  • Fat – from 17% – excellent.
  • Rough fibers – up to 4. 5% – good.
  • Humidity – up to 10. 0% – excellent.
  • Calorie content – 368. 3 kcal/100 g. – OK.

Innova Evo

Different reviews about Innova Evo feeds are “walking” on the network. There are more positive opinions, and the negative is due to the fact that the owners cannot determine the feed class. Innova Evo can be called both a holistic and super-Premium Kirkland dog food.

Undoubtedly, the plus of Innova Evo feed is a wide range of range:

  • Everyday feed.
  • Hypoallergenic feed.
  • Preventive feed – digestive disorder, arthritis, urolithiasis.
  • Therapeutic feeds are liver, renal and heart failure.

Consider the composition and guaranteed indicators on the example of everyday feed innova Evo DOG.


  • Turkey, chicken, turkey flour, chicken and herring – sources of animal proteins.
  • Chicken fat and tocopherols are a source of essential amino acids, however, the names of tocopherols are not announced.
  • Potatoes are a source of carbohydrates.
  • Whole dried eggs are a source of protein, important fats and vitamins.
  • Cottage cheese is a source of protein and useful lactobacilli.
  • Garlic, apples, carrots, tomatoes, alfalfa, chicory root, taurin, lecithin, rosemary extract – natural sources of vitamins and rude fibers.
  • Vitamin and mineral additives, probiotics.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Squirrels – from 42% – excellent.
  • Fat – from 22% – excellent.
  • Fiber – up to 2. 5% – satisfactory
  • Humidity – up to 10% – good.
  • Calorie content – 424. 3 kcal/100kg – excellent.

The owners are not happy, in places an obscure composition, more precisely, fuzzy wording. Manufacturers say that several types of meat, vegetables, fruits, fish are used to manufacture each type of Kirkland dog food. The disadvantages should include a solid price and difficulties with the purchase of food, since Innova Evo is hard to order even on the Internet.

Acana and Orijen

Acana and Orijen are a product that is produced by one Champion Petfoods manufacturing company.

Feed manufacturers called their products “biologically corresponding”, that is, as useful and natural for dogs. Feed is made of Canadian raw materials, which is highly appreciated by owners and veterinarians.

Acana feeds are divided into line:

  • Classics is an everyday food containing at least 50% pure meat.
  • Heritage – everyday lifeless feed containing at least 60–65% pure meat.
  • Regionals – casual feed containing at least 60% of animals and fish grown in Canada (according to the standards of the Canadian food industry).
  • Singles – a series of Kirkland dog foods with sensitive digestion.

Consider the composition and guaranteed ACANA feed indicators on the example of the everyday diet of Wild Coast.


  • Dehydrated herring (24%), fresh herring (10%), fresh flounder (6%), fresh hek (4%) – sources of animal protein are spelled out in percentage, which is very good. It is important to remember that the volume of any product after dehydration is significantly reduced.
  • A whole and cut oats (23%), lentils, green peas, chickpeas, yellow peas – sources of carbohydrates.
  • Herring oil (6%), canols, sublimated herring of herring (0. 1%) – sources of essential amino acids and fats.
  • Lucerne, brown algae, fresh and nutmeg, Pasternak, leaf cabbage, spinach, carrots, apples of the Red Divisions, pear of the Bartlett varieties, cranberries, blueberries, root of chicory, turmeric, milk thistle, Blueberry root, lavender flowers, rootAltea, rosehip fruits – thorough, natural sources of vitamins.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein – from 29% – good.
  • Fat – from 17% – excellent.
  • Fiber – up to 5% – excellent.
  • Humidity – up to 12% – satisfactory.
  • Calorie content – 349, 3 kcal/100 g – good.

Note! Within the framework of the ACANA TM, fodder treats containing 90–95% pure meat are produced.


The ORIJEN feed assortment is not too rich, but every food is worthy of attention:

  • For puppies and for large puppies – Puppy and Puppy Large.
  • Fish diet: 6 types of fish – Six Fish.
  • Everyday food for adolescents and adult dogs – Original.
  • Everyday food for adults and elderly dogs – Senior.
  • Everyday food, including boar meat, bison, veal, milk pork – Regional Red.
  • Everyday food, including deer, wild boar, lifter, ducks – tundra


  • Fresh chicken meat (13%), turkey (7%), herring (6%), flounder (5%) – sources of proteins whose volumes will decrease 2-3 times after drying.
  • Dehydrated meat: chicken (4%), turkey (4%), macrel (4%), sardine (4%), herring (4%) – dried sources of animal proteins.
  • Chicken neck (4%) and heart (4%), turkey heart (4%), chicken cartilage (1%), fresh eggs (7%) – an excellent set of offal, which serves as a source of vitamins, microminerals and proteins.
  • Fresh chicken liver (6%), fresh turkey liver (5%), herring fat (1%), chicken fat (1%) – an excellent combination of sources of fat and amino acids.
  • Lentils, green peas, chickpeas, yellow peas, beans – sources of carbohydrates.
  • Pumpkin, tsukkini, parsnip, carrots, apples, pears, cabbage, spinach, beetroot and turnips, kelp, cranberries, blueberries, irga, chicory root and turmeric, cane, burdock root, lavender, rosehip fruits – natural sources of vitamins.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein – from 38% – excellent.
  • Fat – from 18% – excellent.
  • Fiber – up to 5% – excellent.
  • Humidity – up to 12% – satisfactory.
  • Calorie content – 401. 6 kcal/100 g – excellent.

Note! Within the framework of TM Orijen, meat and fish medallions are produced, which are a treat and food of high quality.

Pronature Holistic

Pronature Holistic feed causes a lot of controversy, because, even after reading the composition of the product, many owners will doubt the assigned class “Holistic”. Pronature products are unambiguously higher in quality than premium class, and it is simply impossible to unambiguously judge the quality of raw materials, while in the place of the consumer. That is why many veterinarians and owners perceive Pronature as a super-premium product.

The composition and guaranteed indicators of Pronature Holistic feed on the example of a daily diet for dogs over 1 year:

  • Fresh duck, chicken (dehydrated), herring flour is a good mix that is suitable for fasting dogs.
  • Chicken fat, liver – universal sources of fat amino acids and fats.
  • Whole dried eggs are a source of protein, important fats and vitamins.
  • Potatoes, peas, battles – sources of carbohydrates.
  • The pulp of orange, apples, blueberries, pineapple, tomatoes, beets, whole seeds of flax, chicory root, swan, pharmacy chamomile, anise seeds, seaweed, alfalfa, green tea, rosemary, peppermint, turmeric, aloe vera, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower – natural sources of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals. Many additives serve as natural flavors, creating an attractive aroma of food.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein – from 30% – excellent.
  • Fat – from 20% – excellent.
  • Raw fiber – up to 4% – good.
  • Humidity – up to 10% – good.
  • Calorie content – 433. 1 kcal/100 g – excellent.

The Pronature Holistic assortment pleases the “coverage” of the needs of the four-legged ones:

  • Feed for puppies from 2 months.
  • Adult dog feed.
  • Feed for older dogs (over 7 years old).

In addition, feed is available in two segments: classic and de-lux. The de-Lux series does not contain wheat and corn, intended for puppies, adults and elderly dogs with sensitive digestion.


Grandorf – a series of holistic feeds with hypoallergenic properties. The feed lines are divided by age and size of the dog:

  • Puppies, teenagers, adult dogs.
  • Small, medium, large dogs.

According to manufacturers, the food does not contain GMOs, dyes, additives of unknown origin, so-all, synthetic flavors, etc. All feed of the Grandorf series are suitable for allergic dogs, pets with sensitive digestion and problem skin.

Composition and guaranteed Grandorf feed indicators on the example of an everyday diet:

  • Dehydrated turkey, lamb, duck, rabbit, fresh turkey meat – a rich, nutritious protein mix.
  • Brown rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates and trace elements.
  • Podki fat, salmon oil is an excellent combination of sources of essential amino acids and fats.
  • Lucerne, dried chicory, Antarctic krill, apples – a restrained, but high-quality and natural source of rude fibers.
  • Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein – from 25% – satisfactory.
  • Fat – from 15% – excellent.
  • Raw fiber – up to 3. 5% – satisfactory.
  • Humidity – up to 9% – good.
  • Calorie content – 396 kcal/100 g – good.

According to owners, Grandorf food is suitable even the most fastidious pets. Many owners note that after the translating of the pet to Grandorf, problems with peeling of the skin, wool, stool and allergic reactions have completely disappeared.

Note! Grandorf food is problematic to buy in pet stores, but it is always available and is sold on-line on the sites of official dealers.


Wellpet has been feeding animals for more than 60 years. To date, the feed of the Wellness series is one of the main production of the company. All feeds are bezernaya, and fresh meat or fish protrudes in them.

For dogs, wellness feeds are produced in the following lines:

  • Dry and half-willed.
  • Meat, fish and mixed.
  • For puppies, adults and elderly dogs.
  • For medium and large dogs.
  • For animals with problem skin, a tendency to excess weight.

The composition on the example of an everyday diet for large dogs Nutram Sound Large Breed.

  • Dehydrated chicken meat (17%), salmon fillet, fresh chicken fillet (12. 8%) – sources of animal protein.
  • Oatmeal (12. 7%), brown rice, polished barley – carbohydrate sources.
  • Green peas (10. 5%) – a source of plant protein and carbohydrates.
  • Chicken fat, Canadian salmon fat (0. 4%) is an excellent combination of sources of fats and amino acids.
  • Whole eggs (0. 3%) – a source of protein, important fats and vitamins.
  • Chicken broth is a natural flavor.
  • Beetroot mass, carrots (3%), alfalfa (2%), apples, flax seeds, pumpkin, grenade, cranberries, chicory root (prebiotic) (0. 1%), spinach, celery seeds, peppermint, turmeric of turmeric, ginger, Rosemary is a rich complex of natural sources of vitamins and rude fibers.
  • Vitamins, probiotics, minerals, antioxidants, sea salt

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein – from 23. 2% – satisfactory.
  • Fat – from 13. 3% – good.
  • Raw fiber – up to 3. 9% – good.
  • Humidity – up to 9% – good.
  • Calorie content – 372 kcal/100 g – good.

According to owners, we can conclude that the Wellness food is a worthy of attention. At 100% of the reviews it is described that dogs with great pleasure eat him, and the condition of the wool and chair quickly returns to normal.

All Wellness feed contain probiotics, vegetables, fruits and herbs that contribute to the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract.


Canidae is a widely unexplored, but High-quality Kirkland dog food of the class of class. As in most holistics, Canidae does not have corn, soy, wheat. Rice acts as a source of carbohydrates in dog feed, and a chicken, turret, lamb and fish act as a source of protein.


Consider the composition and guaranteed canidae feed indicators using the example of the everyday diet of All Life Stages.


  • Flour of chicken meat, turkey, lamb – a good mix of sources of animal proteins.
  • Ocean fish meat is a source of animal protein and trace elements, but the wording is not clear (what fish? What meat?), What causes suspicions.
  • Unrefined white rice, brown rice, rice bran, peas, potatoes, oatmeal, crushed round barley – an excellent combination of cereals, sources of carbohydrates.
  • Chicken fat is a source of fats and amino acids, for a holistic class, quite “modestly”.
  • Proso, tomatoes, linen seeds, alfalfa, cranberries, rosemary extract, sunflower oil, papaya, pineapple are natural sources of vitamins and fiber.
  • Vitamins, minerals, probiotics.

Guaranteed indicators:

  • Protein – from 24% – satisfactory.
  • Fat – from 14. 5% – good.
  • Raw fiber – up to 4% – good.
  • Humidity – up to 10% – good.
  • Calorie content – 360 kcal/100 g – good.

Canidae feeds present products for dogs of different ages and sizes. The assortment contains Kirkland dog foods with health features. Note that the choice of Canidae feed is much wider than that of competitors.

Fodder holistics for puppies

When choosing food for puppies, it is necessary to pay attention to three main indicators: the content of animal protein, calorie content and a spectrum of minerals.

Protein is a building material for muscles, calories – a source of energy, and minerals play a key role in the proper formation of a skeleton.

Popular feed of holistics for puppies:

  • Pronature Holistic Puppy.
  • Go! Natural Holistic.
  • Now Natural Holistic.
  • Applaws Grain-Free for puppies.
  • Barking Heads.

Important! Puppy feed should contain an enhanced vitamin complex, including taurine and omega fats.

For elderly dogs

In the feeds of holicists for elderly dogs, proteins should prevail over carbohydrates. In addition, fatty acids and minerals should include the composition to maintain joint health.

Popular feed of holistics for elderly dogs:

  • Acana Heritage Senior Dog.
  • Orijen Senior.
  • Now Natural Holistic “weight control” – for elderly dogs with low activity.
  • Barking Heads 7+.

When choosing food, pay attention to its calorie content and composition. Many elderly dogs are prone to digestive sensitivity, skin problems and diseases of the oral cavity.

High-quality holistic food helps to maintain tooth cleanliness and provides the dog with necessary, useful substances.

Kirkland dog food For small breeds

Kirkland dog food for small breeds have increased calorie content. The smaller the dog, the more often it freezes, because it is in the lower, cold layers of air. In addition, small dogs have a very quick metabolism. Increased calorie feed allows the dog to warm himself and remain active.

Popular feed of holistics for small breeds:

  • Now Natural Holistic.
  • Belcando Finest Light – Holistic.
  • Barking Heads.
  • Acana Heritage Adult Small Breed.

Note! Most manufacturers produce feed for small dogs with a small fraction of granules.

Kirkland dog food For large breeds

Kirkland dog food for large breeds should be balanced so that the dog is enough for energy, but it does not gain excess weight. For long-haired large dogs, a preventive type is recommended to prevent skin problems.

Popular feed of holistics for large breeds:

  • Acana Heritage Adult Large Breed.
  • Summit Holistic.
  • Now Natural Holistic Bezern Form “Weight Control.
  • Barking Heads.

Important! When choosing a diet for large breeds, it is extremely important to prevent a set of excess weight. The obesity of a large dog is a rapid path to heart failure and arthritis.

Veterinary feed of class holistic

Veterinary feeds are produced in premium and super-premium classes. Holistic feed can be everyday or preventive:

  • Weight control.
  • Sensitive digestion.
  • Increased activity.
  • Sensitive skin.
  • For castrated (sterilized) animals, etc.

Important! Veterinary feed is part of the therapy, which should be prescribed and controlled by the attending physician.

Do you need vitamins and additives when feeding holistic

Many owners do not fully understand whether vitamins and additives are needed when feeding holistic. Holistic products are made from high-quality raw materials, according to manufacturers, without additives. Many owners give the impression that vitamin supplements are still needed. In fact, the situation depends on the type of Kirkland dog food.

There is the so-called "zero products" containing only meat and vegetables. Usually, such feeds are used to feed dogs with chronic pathologies.

When feeding the dog “nulevka”, vitamin additives are needed. If the feed includes vegetables, fruits, herbs and other natural additives (except meat) in vitamin additives there is no need.

How to choose the right food for a dog?

How to choose the right food for a dog if you do not have the opportunity to consult a veterinarian.

Here is a simple instruction:

  • Ask the seller’s advice, but think and analyze.
  • Read the composition of the feed.
  • Pay attention to the calorie content and content of animal protein.
  • Check the data on the manufacturer and the expiration date.
  • Choose food according to needs: age, activity, length of wool, other individual characteristics.

When choosing the Kirkland dog foodto which you are going to transfer the dog, buy small packaging. The pet can refuse even high quality food if he does not like the taste or smell.

Even better, buy several packages at once in the composition of the feed and analyze the reaction of the pet, because taste preferences and needs, all dogs are individual.