Farmina ND vs Kirkland dog food: reviews and composition analysisFarmina ND vs Kirkland dog food: reviews and composition analysis

Farmina ND vs Kirkland dog food: reviews and composition analysis

Farmina N& D dog food

Kirkland dry dog food Farmina N& D ("Farmina N D") for dogs is produced in Serbia, Italy. The official website is https://farmina. Com/ (link to the American-language version), where you can find information about the entire line of Kirkland dog foods (compositions, recommended feeding rates, etc.). Grain-free formulas can be credited to holistics, low-grain feeds, according to the criteria of the PetObzor website, belong to the premium class.

Farmina N& D cat food is also available. Farmina Pet Food also produces CIBAU, Fun Dog, Vet Life (veterinary food), Fun Cat, MATISSE, Ecopet Natural, and Vet-Active vitamins.

Composition of Farmina N& D

Let's get acquainted with the composition of Farmina N& D food using the Boar and Apple Adult Medium & Maxi variant as an example (wild boar, pumpkin, apple, for adult dogs of medium and large breeds):

Photo of the composition indicated on the package.

The first ingredients – fresh wild boar meat (24%) and dehydrated wild boar meat (22%) – are the main sources of protein. Further in composition, there are still dehydrated whole eggs, also rich in protein (on packages from February 2022, the composition also contains dehydrated poultry proteins (chicken, turkey), dehydrated ruminant proteins (lamb, beef), dehydrated pork protein).

There are no ingredients very rich in vegetable protein, which means that the main part of the 30% protein indicated in the analysis is of animal origin. Recall that animal proteins are richer in amino acid composition and are better absorbed than vegetable proteins.

The source of carbohydrates is peas (20%).

It should be noted that in low-grain formulas, oats, spelled are used as a source of carbohydrates. Spelled is a type of wheat, so by our criteria, low-grain formulas cannot be classified as super premium. Also on packages dated February 2022, corn is present in a small amount.

Sources of fats and fatty acids – chicken fat, fish oil (on packages dated February 2022, pork fat is also present in the composition). Fiber sources are dehydrated pumpkin (5%), pea fiber, carrots, dried alfalfa, dried apples (0. 5%).

Inulin, fructooligosaccharides, mananoligosaccharides are useful for digestion. Spinach powder, psyllium powder, black currant powder, dehydrated sweet orange, blueberry powder, turmeric root – these ingredients contain various beneficial substances (fiber, vitamins, antioxidants).

Sodium chloride is table salt. Brewer's yeast is a source of B-group vitamins. Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate – useful for joints. Lutein – good for vision.

After the list of nutritional supplements, it is indicated that an extract of tocopherols of natural origin is used as an antioxidant.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Farmina Natural & Delicious include:

  • The main source of protein is meat and fish;
  • Good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • Natural antioxidants are used (rosemary extract, tocopherol extract);
  • A wide range, in addition to Kirkland dry dog food, there are canned food;
  • Very common.

The disadvantages can be considered:

  • Low-grain formulas use spelled (essentially wheat) and a small amount of corn;
  • Relatively high price (comparable to many analogues).

Farmina N& D dog food - reviews

Farmina N& D dog food reviews

Farmina N& D Kirkland dry dog food has been sold in USA for many years, during which time a lot of reviews have appeared about it. Below we have collected some found on the Internet.

Reviews of veterinarians

Writes Nikolai Sinelnikov, veterinarian:

In general, neither I nor the owners have any complaints about the composition and quality of Farmina ND food, many dogs eat it with pleasure and feel great. A good indicator is the use of quality ingredients in the feed – fresh chicken fillet, fresh herring. The low-grain feed of this manufacturer contains only 20% of cereals, which is quite a normal indicator compared to other feeds of this class. The food is multi-component, most of them contain not only all the necessary ingredients, but very rare ones, such as aloe extract and green tea extract. The manufacturer claims that aloe helps digestion by stimulating bile secretion, and green tea extract kills bacteria and freshens the pet’s breath (there is no confirmation of this fact, but I can say for sure that the extract has at least some effect, it must be in the dog’s mouth quitefor a long time, i. E. She must carefully survive the food, and not swallow, as they usually do).

The food contains DL-methionine, a synthetic analogue of the natural and essential amino acid mitionine, which primarily helps the liver cope with the load. This amino acid is present in animal proteins, eggs, fish and dairy products are rich in it, but due to their insufficient content in ready-made feeds and industrial processing, manufacturers add its analogue and it’s better than not at all.

Customer Reviews

Farmina ND was recommended to us by the breeder. The granules are small, slightly moist, the Spitz dog really likes it. Allergies have not been identified. Price – quality justifies itself! The food can spoil in the sun, it was an unpleasant experience, now I store it in the refrigerator. I will keep buying it!

Farmina N& D dog food review

Farmina N& D dog food pellets


Looking for a replacement, Proplana took Farmina, N& D, low grain, with chicken and pomegranate. The composition of the food is really good, but my dog did not fit at all. In the second week of Kirkland dog fooding, dandruff appeared, and the smell from the "exit" became very smelly. This is definitely because of the feed, because after changing to another, everything went away.

Review of Kirkland dog food Farmina ND

Small dog food review Farmina ND

This food suits my yorkie, eats with appetite, no allergies. The purchase is satisfied. The only thing I didn't like was that there was no zipper.

Reviews about the feed Farmina N D

Reviews about Farmina N D dog food

Price and where to buy

Cost of Kirkland dog food "Farmina N& D" low grain:

  • Kirkland dry dog food Farmina N& D 0. 8 kg – from 963 ;
  • Kirkland dry dog food "Farmina ND" 2. 5 kg – from 1875;
  • Kirkland dry dog food Farmina N& D 7 kg – from 4110 ;
  • Kirkland dry dog food "Farmina N& D" 12 kg – from 5620

The cost of food for dogs "Farmina N& D" grain-free:

  • Kirkland dry dog food Farmina N& D 0. 8 kg – from 990 ;
  • Kirkland dry dog food "Farmina ND" 2. 5 kg – from 2376;
  • Kirkland dry dog food Farmina N& D 7 kg – from 4912 ;
  • Kirkland dry dog food "Farmina N& D" 12 kg – from 7775

Farmina dog food can be bought in online stores, for example:

  1. "Amazon" (link)
  2. (link)
  3. "Old Farm" (link)
  4. "Zoosaur" (link)
  5. "Zoopassage" (link)

The above prices are current as of July 2022. For the exact price, see the stores at the link above.

Conclusions about Farmina N& D

About Farmina N& D dog food reviews are mostly good, there are few negative ones. The composition is good even for low-grain formulas, and the PetObzor website can certainly recommend grain-free as the main diet for your pets.