Do-it-yourself hoodie for a dogDo-it-yourself hoodie for a dog

Do-it-yourself hoodie for a dog

Today we will sew hoodies for a dog with our own hands. I will tell you what measurements you will need to build a pattern. You will also find the hoodie pattern itself. And at the end of the article you will find a detailed video tutorial on sewing a sweatshirt for a woolen friend.

Today, the hoodie is a very popular wardrobe item. And this is not surprising. Very comfortable, warm and practical clothes. Something akin to a sweatshirt or sweatshirt, only much warmer and more comfortable.

Autumn has come, and it's time to insulate our favorite ponytails. Just like us, our furry friends want to feel comfortable even in the coldest weather. Therefore, hoodies are a great option for clothing for dogs. Of course, this outfit is hardly suitable for slushy and rainy weather. But on a cool dry day, such a sweatshirt will perfectly protect and warm your pet.

Hoodie pattern

The dog hoodie pattern is very similar to the jacket pattern I made for Jack. By the way, you can find a detailed master class on sewing such a jacket in the article: Do-it-yourself jacket for a dog.

Basic measurements for building a pattern

To build the pattern, I took the following measurements from Jack.

Dog hoodie pattern

Of course, there are differences in tailoring a jacket and a hoodie for a dog. But I propose the principle of constructing a pattern “according to the grid” in both versions. Moreover, in my opinion, this method is the simplest.

You can learn how to build a grid, and then transfer a pattern to it from this video.

Well, I do not get tired of repeating. Any pattern from the Internet is not universal. Perhaps it will have to be “tailored” a little to fit your barbosik. Therefore, after you have built a pattern, transfer it to some simple fabric. That way you know exactly what needs to be adjusted.

I got such a hoodie pattern for a dog.

Necessary materials

detailed master class

To sew a hoodie for a dog, the size of Jackusika, you will need the following materials:

  1. Warm knitted fabric. I used thick fleece. But you can also take a material called Footer, which is used in sewing hoodies for people. If you take Footer, then it is better that he be bouffant. So the sweatshirt will be much warmer. To sew a hoodie for Jack, I took 0. 5 meters of fleece.
  2. Knitted garters. I didn’t find ready-made garters of the width I needed, so I slugged 10 cm of fabric called Kashkorse.
  3. Round hat elastic (0. 5 meters).
  4. One plastic retainer.

I inserted a hat elastic and a retainer down the hoodie so that if necessary it could be pulled up. But this is not at all necessary.

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Video master class

A detailed master class on how to easily and simply sew a cool hoodie for a dog.

Today, Jackushka and I showed and told how to sew a hoodie for a dog with our own hands. We hope you enjoyed our master class, because Jackusik tried very hard.

Share the master class with your dog breeder friends. Write your feedback in the comments and attach photos of the hoodies you have already sewn for fluffies. Jack and I really want to see what you've got. Good luck and take care of your pets!

detailed master class