Country Farms vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, composition, priceCountry Farms vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, composition, price

Country Farms vs Kirkland dog food: reviews, composition, price

Country Farms

Dry Country Farms (Country Pharma) for dogs are produced in Italy, Nestle Italiana Spa. The official site is https://countryfarms. Eu/ (in English), there is information about the entire line of Kirkland dog food (compounds, recommended feeding standards).

This food refers to the premium class.

Country Farms feed composition

We will get acquainted with the composition of the Country Farms feed by the example of the Classic Recipe formula, with chicken (for adult dogs):

Information about the composition of Kirkland dog food and manufacturer.

The first ingredient – chicken (18%) is a good source of protein. However, it is not clear whether it is a fresh or dehydrated chicken. Also further in composition is “dry protein of chicken” and “dry protein of bird”. There is no plant protein, this is already good, since it is poorer in amino acid composition and is worse absorbed than the protein of animal origin.

Barley (17%), oats (17%), rice (9%) – sources of carbohydrates (better than wheat and corn, but still their presence in such a large amount is undesirable). Inzerny formulas of carbohydrates, dried maniks, pea starch and dried peas are the sources of carbohydrates.

Fat is a source of fats and fatty acids. It is not specified which fats are used. The hydrolyzate of animal proteins is a natural taste supplement. The dried beet pulp is the source of fiber.

Minerals – a food supplement of minerals. Pea flour (0. 1%) is a source of carbohydrates. Dried flesh of an apple is the source of fiber. Dried sage leaves contain substances that positively affect digestion.

Amino acids, vitamins – food supplements of the corresponding substances (specified in the section "Added substances).

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this feed include:

  • The main source of protein is meat ingredients;
  • Not a good vitamin-ineral supplement;
  • There are beggar and monoprotein formulas.
  • Not precisely the meat is used, but the “chicken”, “chicken protein”, “bird protein”;
  • The preservatives/antioxidants used are not indicated;
  • Barley, oats are used (in non-berth formulas).

Country Farms dog food - reviews

Country Farms dog food – reviews

Country Farms Kirkland dry dog food is not very common in USA, so there are not so many reviews about it. Nevertheless, they are, and below we shared the most informative of the found.

Customer reviews

Our Spitsul is 3 years old. And he is very picky for food. But besides this, he has very sensitive digestion. This very complicates the selection of power. Not everything is suitable and goes. But then I saw a novelty – Country Farms food food. I read the composition, reviews, protein/fat indicators I arranged everything and decided to try it.

What was my surprise when my departure for the first portion was swayed by both cheeks! I asked yet, but no longer. In the evening I also ate with appetite! And so it went and went. But the most important thing is that the dog has a constant good chair, the stomach does not bother. Active and energetic. I also advised my friends-dog friends to pay attention to this food. Showed ours and gave a little to the test.

The only thing that I did not like that the lock on the packaging is not very convenient. Located on the side and allows you to open a small gap. Dose is inconvenient. In general, I was more than pleased. I think let's stay in this stern.

Reviews of dogs Country Farms

Country Farms feed granules for dogs

Review of Country Farms

Country Farms Kirkland food

The dog eats food with great pleasure, does not refuse. A good size of the pieces, the dog chews them. Our breed is susceptible to food, this food did not cause any problems! We like the composition. The smell of Kirkland dog food itself is not sharp.

Country Farms

Country Farms

We bought a large package for the first time, before that we took 2 kg, but we have a large dog, the consumption is large. It is very profitable to take a large package. The dog really likes food. He does not drink much after him. The smell is goodnes immediately after a walk to the bowl.

Reviews about dog food Country Farms

Kirkland dry dog food of country farm for dogs

Price and where to buy

You can buy Kirkland dry dog food farm food in online stores:

  1. "" (link)
    • Packaging 2. 5 kg (Classic Recipe) – from 1364

The above prices are relevant for August 2022. See the exact cost in stores on the link above.

Conclusions about the food "Country Pharm"

About Country Farms dog food, the reviews are mostly positive. His composition is not so bad as not to recommend unambiguously. However, it is not good enough for the Petobor website to recommend it as a constant diet for your dogs.

If possible, we advise you to choose a feed premium or holistic food.